Alternative History
The District of Haiti
Official language Cherokee, English
Other languages Spanish
Capital Port-au-Prince
Area 10,714 sq mi
27,750 sq km
Creation 1825
Currency Georgian Dollar

The District of Haiti is part of the State of Georgia.

In 1804, the rebelling slaves of Haiti declared the establishment of the Republic of Haiti. Alarmed by the existence of a militantly anti-slavery and anti-colonial Republic, most of the United States and Western Europe imposed sanctions on the new Republic. In 1815, the State of Georgia offered to relieve the French of their rebellious territory (for France had not yet recognized the Republic) for the price of 15 million dollars for the slaves, and five million dollars for the territory. Initially, the island was governed as an extention of the District of East Florida.

This began one of the darkest chapters in Georgian history. Georgian troops, with the blessings of the other slaveholding states, landed on the island and began rounding up the rebels. Over the next few years, they killed or deported almost the entire population, selling those they didn't kill to private slave owners in Georgia and other states. By 1825, Haiti's population was nearly gone. It was granted to the Cherokee Nation in exchange for the Cherokee's ceding most of their mainland territories. At the same time, Haiti was separated off from East Florida as a distinct District.

During the Georgian Race War, Haiti, which fought on the Anglo side, was occupied by the Hispanics.