Alternative History

This soon-to-be alternative history postulates what might have happened if the American war of independence was still a win, but shattered the countries infrastructure. A few years after the United States dissolves into feudalist states. This also results in a split Mexico, Canada and Brazil. (After frequent wars with them)

The outcome is that the North American Continent is far poorer, with the exception of Superpower Quebec.

The end of this alternative history would be that these states sign the Union Treaty, resulting in The United States of America, Canada, Yucatan and Cuba. (This excludes Quebec.)

Alternatives in this timeline would be;

1. The first people on the moon are from Quebec.

2. The Second World War is a stalemate.

3. The British Empire Stands until 2020.

4. The Japanese Empire stands until 1980. (Gone to shit because of Economic Problems)

5. The UK dissolves into four countries in 2002, leading to the Empire being split up amongst the four, and leading to immediate decline of it.

Tell me what YOU think.