New Hebrides
Cygnian House of Representatives Division
Created 1980
Namesake State of New Hebrides
Electors 172,310 (2020)
Area 12,189 km2 (4,706.2 sq mi)
Demographic Rural

The Division of New Hebrides is the New Hebrides' at-large electoral division, providing for the state's representation in the Cygnian House of Representatives. It was created in 1980 after the New Hebrides' admission into the Federation as a state, and was contested for the first time at the 1980 federal election. The Division is considered to be a safe seat for the Labour Party. Since 2013, the New Hebrides has been represented by Robert Bohn.


# Image Member Party Term Notes
Start End
1 Michael Ala
Labour 3 January 1981 12 July 1984 Retired due to ill health.
2 Max Carlot
(born 1941)
Labour 3 January 1985 3 January 1993 Retired to run for State Parliament. Became Premier of the New Hebrides in 1993.
3 Sethy Regenvanu
(born 1945)
Labour 3 January 1993 3 January 2005 Retired.
4 Sela Molisa
(born 1952)
Labour 3 January 2005 3 January 2013 Retired.
5 Robert Bohn
(born 1956)
Labour 3 January 2013 Incumbent
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