What if Doctor Who Wasn't Axed in 1989 Series

Currently on YouTube, there is an ongoing series about what if Doctor Who wasn't axed in 1989 created by YouTuber, DaDoctorWhoFan. It has become extremely popular and the creator of the series says that the series will go on until he reaches 2017 or the year that he finishes it and we will be able to see what Doctor Who would be like today. He also has said that he has followed the timeline from Season 27 to what would have most likely happened in Season 28 considering what 27 was like and just continuing that until he has got to 2017. Season 41 for example, is only like this because it's the natural progression from 38, 39 and 40. It's all guesswork that just tries to keep progressing the story from the little information we start off with. To View the Series Click Here

Each 'episode' of the series begins with this introductory statement: "What if Doctor Who hadn’t been axed in 1989? That is something many have tried to guess at and now it’s my turn. I will be going through this concept at the rate of one season per episode. These videos are based on information released by the BBC, anything said by Andrew Cartmel, JN-T, Sylvester McCoy, Ben Aaronovitch and some other people, DWM 255 that issue from 1997 about what if DW wasn’t axed and a lot and I mean a lot of guess work."

DaDoctorWhoFan also has a blog where he reviews What if Doctor Who Wasn't Axed Stories as if it were their broadcast. To read those reviews click here:

Cast Members

The current Doctors featured in the series are Sylvester McCoy (1987-1990, totaling his Doctor to four seasons); Richard Griffiths (1990-1995, totaling his Doctor to five seasons); Paul McGann (1995-2000, the same number of seasons as Griffiths); Richard E Grant (2000-2003, three seasons and the feature film), Anthony Head (2003-2007, three seasons and a film), Paterson Joseph 2007-2010, three seasons and a film) and most recently David Suchet becoming the Doctor at the end of Doctor Who: Vengeance (2010).

The companions that have been currently featured in the series are Katie Tollinger, Henrick (not sure about surname), Bernice Summerfield, Grace Holloway, Sammy Thompson and Sandra Armstrong. Anthony Head's Doctor didn't have a central companion, although some could argue that The Rouge (in Season 42 & 43) became this. Paterson Joseph returned to having a companion with Angela Jensen M.P. as played by Jacqueline Pearce and later Lizzie Clarke. David Suchet travelled with Zenla and Chris, played by Juliet Landau and Dougray Scott respectively, introduced in Paterson Joseph's final story, Doctor Who: Vengeance.

According to DaDoctorWhoFan on Twiter Henrick is the longest running companion in both years and episodes with 123 episodes.

There are also also three spin off series in this timeline. One would have been Leftover (2001 - 2005) which would have featured former companions, one of his own devising, investigating mysteries, some human, some alien, in Newcastle Upon Tyne and later Hollywood. The companions featured are Katie Tollinger, Sarah Jane Smith, Jo Grant, Elisabeth Shaw and later in the final season, Mel Bush. The other one would have been Rebel Zero (2006-?) which would have been set during Season 42 and would have focused on Ace McShane as a terrorist while fighting against the Rani and the Rogue who are running Gallifrey. DaDoctorWhoFan, however, has not said anything about a Series 2 of this. There would have been a spinoff called Panopticon, starting in 2008, set on Gallifrey following a character called the Rogue.

Production Team

The series continues with a new producer in 1990, who was the assistant floor manager of the Season 26, Stephen Garwood and new script editor Ben Aaronovtich, who was a writer for the past two seasons. In 1998, a new producer takes over, Chris Sanderman, with new script editor, Steven Moffat. Then in 2002, another new script editor takes over in the form of Russell T Davies. In 2003, with the release of Doctor Who: The Movie, Chris Sanderman steps down and new producer Tony Redston takes over, taking Doctor Who in a drastic new direction from Season 41 to Season 43 and Doctor Who: Revelation. In 2006, Paul Cornell took over Russell T Davies as script editor. In 2007, Gary Russell became the producer. In his Season 45 video, he mentioned that Season 45 (2008) would be Paul Cornell's final season as script editor, and that his successor would be staff writer Robert Shearman.

The series also sees Paramount Television, an American production company, co-producing the series from Season 36 onward in 1999, as well as it's subsequent spin offs. They also produced Doctor Who: The Movie in 2003 (to mark the 40th Anniversary of Doctor Who), Doctor Who: Revelation in 2007 and Doctor Who: Vengeance in 2010. In 2006, CBS Corporation took over from Paramount, for producing the TV series, due to the Viacom split of 2006. Paramount still produces the film series.


Season 27: (1990)

  1. Earth Aid by Ben Aaronovitch
  2. Ice Time by Marc Platt
  3. Crime of a Century by Andrew Cartmel
  4. Blood and Iron by Andrew Cartmel

Season 28: (1991)

  1. Night Thoughts by Edward Young
  2. Glory School by Tony Etchells and Ben Aaronovitch
  3. The Hostage by Neil Penswick
  4. Lungbarrow by Marc Platt

Season 29: (1992)

  1. Nightshade by Mark Gatiss
  2. Love and War by Paul Cornell
  3. Transit by Ben Aaronovitch
  4. The Highest Science by Gareth Roberts
  5. Illegal Alien by Mike Tucker and Robert Perry

Season 30: (1993)

  1. The Enemy Within by Christopher Priest
  2. Conquest of the Daleks by Russell Davies
  3. Meltdown by Gary Hopkins
  4. Damaged Goods by Russell Davies
  5. The Dark Dimension by Adrian Riglesford (30th Anniversary Special)

Season 31: (1994)

  1. The Suicide Expedition by Mark Gatiss (with Colin Baker as the Doctor)
  2. Knight Falls by Ben Aaronovitch
  3. The Avatar by David McInte
  4. The House of Terror by Andrew Cartmel
  5. The Prisoner of Time by Russell Davies

Season 32: (1995)

  1. Tragedy Day by Gareth Roberts
  2. Legacy by Gary Russell
  3. Hatred of the Daleks by Steven Moffat
  4. Trouble in San Francisco by Marc Platt
  5. The Last Night by Ben Aaronovitch

Season 33: (1996)

  1. Revenge of the Master by Matthew Jacobs
  2. The Zygon Dread by Russell T Davies
  3. Blink by Steven Moffat
  4. Blood of the Daleks by Steve Lyons
  5. Resurrection of the Autons by Pip and Jane Baker
  6. The Time Ravages by Nicholas Briggs
  7. Mythos by Jonathan Boothroyd
  8. News 24/7 by James Parsons and Andrew Stirling

Season 34: (1997)

  1. The Forest of the Dead by Steven Moffat
  2. The Return of Nimon by Russell T Davies
  3. The Enemy of Varos by Philip Martin
  4. Lost Memories by Clayton Hickman
  5. The Well by Mark Gatiss
  6. Time Will Tell by Ben Aaronovitch
  7. Plan B by Ian Levine
  8. The Web of Time by Douglas Adams

Season 35: (1998)

  1. The Castle that Time Forgot by Mervyn Haisman and Henry Lincoln
  2. Killers of the Dark by Russell T Davies
  3. Doomwraiths by Philip Martin
  4. Iceberg by David Banks
  5. A Case for the Blue Box by Nicholas Meyer
  6. Attack of the Mind by David Halliwell
  7. Wallpaper by Joseph Lidster
  8. The Man with the Hollow Head by Steven Moffat

Season 36: (1999)

  1. Never Mind the Rogue by Nicholas Meyer
  2. Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust by Mark Gatiss
  3. Exodus by Terrance Dicks
  4. From a Thing Done Afterward by Russell T Davies
  5. The Plague of the Daleks by Mark Morris
  6. Guilty as Charged by Paul Cornell
  7. Looking into the Eye by Chris Sanderman
  8. The Lazarus Project by Mark Wright and Cavan Scott

Season 37: (2000)

  1. Here We Go Again by Stephen Garwood and Barry Letts
  2. The Most Questionable Decision in the Universe by Marc Platt
  3. Never Eat Shredded Wheat by Steven Moffat
  4. The Room with No Doors by Kate Orman
  5. Who Killed Kennedy? by David Bishop
  6. Terror from the Stars by Nicholas Briggs
  7. Voyage of the Sontarans by Terrance Dicks
  8. The Nightmare of Time by Justin Richards

Season 38: (2001)

  1. Night of the Angels by Steven Moffat
  2. One Thousand, Nine Hundred and Two by Stephen Garwood
  3. Eternity of the Daleks by Tanya Holmes
  4. Sleepers of Earth by Chris Chibnall
  5. Rogue Who by Nicholas Meyer
  6. Time's Crucible by Marc Platt
  7. Warhead by Andrew Cartmel
  8. Witch Mark by Andrew Hunt

Season 39: (2002)

  1. No Sky in Space by Nicholas Meyer
  2. Sometimes Money Does Grow on Trees by Mark Gatiss
  3. Illusions of Life by Toby Whithouse
  4. Outer-Space takes Manhattan by Russell T Davies
  5. Past Tense by Joseph Menosky
  6. I am the Doctor and You are my Patient by Tom MacRae
  7. Who's Killing the Great Doctors of the Cosmos? by Ronald D. Moore
  8. The Name's Shakespeare, William Shakespeare by Russell T Davies

Season 40: (2003)

  1. The Curse of the Tower by Paul Cornell
  2. The Sands of Life by Nicholas Briggs (with Tom Baker as the Doctor)
  3. King of the Sontarans by Ronald D. Moore (with Peter Davison as the Doctor)
  4. Midnight Upon Us by Robert Shearman (with Colin Baker as the Doctor)
  5. Conundrum by Steve Lyons (with Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor)
  6. The Legend of Merlin by Ben Aaronovitch (with Richard Griffiths as the Doctor)
  7. The Societal Step by Toby Whithouse (with Paul McGann as the Doctor)
  8. The Other by Russell T Davies

Doctor Who: The Movie (2003)

Season 41: (2004)

  1. Lord President of Gallifrey by Russell T Davies
  2. The Order of Rassilon by Robert Hewitt Wolfe
  3. War of the Poplne by Ronald D. Moore
  4. Forgotten in Time by Robert Shearman
  5. The Siege by Marc Platt
  6. Trust is a Lie by David Bishop
  7. The Enemy Uncovered by Tom MacRae
  8. The Battle of the Strong by Russell T Davies and Paul Cornell

Season 42: (2005)

  1. The Resistance by Russell T Davies
  2. Peace in Our Time by Ronald D. Moore
  3. The Oncoming Storm by Tom MacRae
  4. In the Mouths of Men by Robert Shearman
  5. Evolution of the Matrix by Steven Moffat
  6. Return to Earth by Paul Cornell (with the Leftover team)
  7. Everlasting War by D.C. Fontana
  8. Auribus Teneo Lupum by Russell T Davies

Season 43: (2006)

  1. The Winner's Protector by Russell T Davies and Paul Cornell
  2. May Fortune Favor the Bold by Matt Jones
  3. Behind the Looking Glass by Joesph Lidster and D.C. Fontana
  4. The Sharper the Knife by Caroline Symcox
  5. Demons of the Past by Marc Platt
  6. The Noble Sacrifice by Nicholas Meyer
  7. May the Truth be Damned by Justin Richards
  8. The Confrontation of the Wicked by Paul Cornell and Robert Shearman

Doctor Who: Revelation (2007)

Season 44: (2007)

  1. The Silurian Awakening by Paul Cornell
  2. The Empty Child by Steven Moffat
  3. Miasimia Goria by D.C. Fontana & Marc Platt
  4. Wirrn Dawn by Nicholas Briggs
  5. You Can Only Time Travel Twice by Ronald D. Moore
  6. Jubilee by Robert Shearman
  7. The Unicorn and the Wasp by Gareth Roberts
  8. The Scream by Paul Cornell

Season 45: (2008)

  1. The Abbey of Felsecar by Paul Cornell
  2. The Death of Jensen by Ronald D. Moore
  3. Confess by Nicholas Briggs
  4. Hot Air by Robert Shearman
  5. Vengeance of the Nimon by Caroline Symcox
  6. Storm Warning by Alan Barnes
  7. In Thy Image by Eddie Robson
  8. Burning Books by Andrew Davies
  9. Operation Salvation by D.C. Fontana
  10. Cold Star by Paul Cornell & Robert Shearman

Christmas Special: (2008)

  • The One Doctor by Gareth Roberts & Clayton Hickman

Season 46: (2009)

  1. Cannon Fodder by David Hare
  2. The Whitechapel Murderer by Mark Wright & Cavan Scott
  3. Inquisition by Ronald D. Moore
  4. The Façade by Jaqueline Rayner & Nicholas Briggs
  5. Delayed Indefinitely by Robert Shearman & Joseph Lidster
  6. The Impossible Planet by Matt Jones
  7. Brave New Town by Jonathan Clements
  8. The Fight For Survival by David Weddle & Bradley Thompson
  9. The Eternity Trap by Phil Ford
  10. Mad World by Robert Shearman

Doctor Who: Vengeance (2010)

Season 47: (2010)

  • Masters of All
  • The Shakespeare Code
  • The Camera Never Lies
  • The Great White Hurricane
  • Wirrn Isle
  • The Book of Kells
  • The Ties In Between Us
  • Too Smart to Play
  • The Harsh Light of Day
  • The First Game

Christmas Special: (2010)

  • Hark! The Weeping Angels Sing
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