Alternative History

Cut off from The Church[]

Circa 390 CE: The Anglo Saxons combine wth the Burgunians to create the Anglo-Burgundians.

410 CE:Emperor Honorius withdraws his legions from Brittania.

430: Britons Rebel

435: Rebel Chieftain Aidanarth captures Londinium, declares self Mór Rí. 438: Aidanarth captrures Eboracum, last uncaptured fort-town.

445: Anglo-Burgundians flood down the Rhine.

448: Aidanarth sets up the Brythonic colony of Breizh.

456: Saxons invade Gallia Lugdunensis and Gallia Belgica.

459: Gallia Narbonensis falls to Anglo-Burgundians.

460: Franks capture Germania Superior and Inferior.

472: Aidanarth dies, five sons (and one bastard son) fight for power.

473: Aidanarth's son, Alroy, sets up Kingdom of Sarum, stretching from the Scilly Isles to the Isle of Wight.

473: Aidanarth's Bastard son Conan sets up the Kingdom of Breizh.

474: Aidanarth's son, Manus, establisheds Kingdom of Cant, from Kent, the Isle of Wight, and the Thames river.

477: Breizh falls to the Saxons. Conan is killed.

478: Aidanarth's son, Yestin, establishes the Kingdom of Brigan, from OTL East Anglia to Hadrian's Wall.

480: Welsh Rebel, set up Kingdoms of Gwynedd, Powys, Deheubarth, Gwent, Morganwwg, and Brycheniog.

481: Cornish secede from Sarum, set up Kingdom of Kernow. 489: Bretons rebel against the saxons.

496: Breton rebellion crushed.

501: Picts invade, reach Londain, set up kingdom everywhere north of OTL York.

Circa 503:Last contact between the various Celtic kingdoms and the Church

535: Sarum and Cant go to war over the Isle of Wight.

541: Sarum surrenders the Isle of Wight, along with the towns of Solentbéal and Tywenham.

500s and 600s: The Bretons rebel seven times, each time the rebellion is crushed. Power fluctuates between the kingdoms of Brython and Brigan.

731: Charles Martel crushes the Saxons in the Battle at Rouen.

732: The Moors are crushed in the battle at Tours.

The Vikings are coming! The Vikings are coming![]

761: Charlemagne conquered the Saxons in France, ignored Breizh.

762: First missionaries by the church meet with the king or Sarum in Sarumodunum.

764: Bishop Michel de Clermont sets up the Church of Saint Paul in the small trading post of Lunhdainnáit

767: Spurred on by a Papal Blessing, the Kingdom of Sarum invades the Kingdom of Kernow.

770: The Cantish army seizes the Thames valley from Brython.

771: Kernow capitulates, Sarum proceeds to firmly occupy the region.

796: Danish Vikings seize the monastery at Lndyscúlú.

820s: Waves of Danish assaults on the coastlines of the British Isles were gradually followed by a succession of settlers.

863: Brigantian civil war begins between the deceased king's two bastard sons, Barris and Gairdh.

865: Danish raiders first began to settle in England. Led by brothers Halfdan and Ivar the Boneless, they wintered in Brython, where they demanded and received tribute in exchange for a temporary peace. From there they moved north and attacked Brigantia, which was in the midst of a civil war between Barris and Gairdh. They used the turmoil to attack and capture Eburyk, which theyt sack and burn.

867: Following the loss of Eburyk, Barris and Gairdh formed an alliance against the Danes. They launched a counterattack, but the Danes killed both Barris and Gairdh and set up a puppet king on Brigantian throne. In response, King Iain of Sarum, along with his brother Padaraig marched against the Danes, who were positioned behind fortifications in Tigguo Cobauc, but were unable to draw them into battle. In order to establish peace, King Uasail of Brython ceded Tigguo Cobauc to the Danes in exchange for leaving the rest of Brython undisturbed.

869: Ivar the Boneless returned and demanded tribute from King Uanasil of Brython.

870: King Uanasil refused, Ivar the Boneless defeated and captured him at Hoxne and brutally sacrificed his heart to Odin in a so-called “blood eagle ritual”, in the process adding most of Brython to the area controlled by the invading Danes. King Iain and Padarig attacked the Danes at Léamh, but were repulsed with heavy losses. The Danes pursued them.

871: On January 7, they made their stand at Aranni (in what is now East Brythona). Iain was killed in the first hour of fighting, so Padarig led the army into battle. Padarig defeated the Danes, who counted among their losses five jarls (nobles). The Danes retreated and set up fortifications at Tameobriga. Padarig attacked the Danish fortifications and was routed. Danes followed up victory with another victory in March at Meidubriga

On April 23, 871, Padarig officially took the throne of Sarum, but not before seriously considering abdicating the throne in light of the desperate circumstances, which were further worsened by the arrival in Canta of a second Danish army from Europe. For the rest of the year Padarig concentrated on attacking with small bands against isolated groups of Danes. He was moderately successful in this endeavor and was able to score minor victories against the Danes, but his army was on the verge of collapse. Padarig responded by paying off the Danes in order for a promise of peace. During the peace the Danes turned north and attacked Middle Brython, which they finished off in short order, and captured Londain in the process. King Tairneachof Middle Brython fought in vain against the Ivar the Boneless and his Danish invaders for three years until 874, when he, like his predecessor, was killed. During Ivar’s campaign against Middle Brython he died and was succeeded by Guthrum the Old as the main protagonist in the Danes’ drive to conquer England. Guthrum quickly defeated Tairneach and placed a puppet on the throne of Middle Brython. The Danes now controlled East Brython, Briganta, and Middle Brython, with only Sarum continuing to resist.

874: The King of Breizh dies, kingdom inherited by his nephew by marriage, Padarig 879: Padarig, with an army of 3000 Sarumite soldiers, 1000 Cantan soldiers, and 2500 Breizhan mercenaries, march into Canta. They drive the vikings out, and then head north to Londain.

July, 879: The siege of Londain succeeds.

880-892: Middle Brython is conquered. 894: Padarig is killed in a push to Evrok

899: A temporary peace is made between the new Kingdoms of Danelaw and Sarum.


This is Britain in 900 CE.