In the year 2012, the earth undergoes a phenomenon where the poles reverse, where north is south, and south is north.

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January 1st

New Years 2012.

December 21st

2012 December 24th-31st

December 24th 2012. The red indicates the countries or islands obliterated by the tsunami's. Please note that not all continents look the same due to the rising sea level from the tsunami

The Mesoamerican long count calendar reaches its final date, leading to many speculations on doomsday myths.

December 24th

On Christmas Eve at 18:20 UTC-8, the magnetic poles start shifting and cause major earthquakes in densely populated areas of the world.

December 25th-31st

Tsunami's created by the earthquakes reach coastal cities and drown them.
2013 January 1st-February 6th

December 25th-February 6th 2013. The added red indicates the areas obliterated earthquakes or erupted volcanos

December 25th-February 6th 2013

The most dangerous part of the process proceeds. As the magnetic poles start their movement, more earthquakes rupture across the earth. The San Andreas fault line stretching across the coast of California ruptures and nearly wipes out all of California. Most of the volcanoes in the ring of fire surrounding the Pacific Ocean erupt and put a large black cloud of ash over the coastal areas surrounding. Yellowstone erupts, completely obliterating Wyoming and all surrounding states, also sending another large cloud of ash over all of the US and part of Canada.
2013 August 28th Solar Flare

August 28th 2013. The added red indicates the countries or areas burnt to a crisp by the solar flare.


January 1st

A New Year commences, however, only countries barely affected by the magnetic shift celebrate, how very little there are.

August 28th

2014 January 31st

January 31st 2014. The blue indicates the allies of the USA. The green indicates the allies of China.

A large solar flare hits the earth at 14:35 UTC-8, burning all countries sharing a border with the Pacific Ocean because the atmosphere cannot hold back much sun rays due to the shifting of the poles.

November 13th

As the earthquakes die down, the rich countries such as the US, China and the UK contribute to help countries with this disaster.

December 24th

It has been a year since this disaster started. This day marks the holiday 'Disaster Awareness Day'.

2014 2 March 17th-September 7th

March 17-September 7th 2014. The red in the US indicates that the country succumbed to the ash cloud, and for China, it means they were defeated in war, the blue means they are a part of the US alliance.


January 1st

Another new year commences. With the earthquakes to a minimum, most countries are able to celebrate.

January 31st

When Chinese New Year rolls around, China backs off from contributing in helping the poor countries, causing several countries to go to war with China.

March 17th

When the ash cloud covering USA from Yellowstone becomes poisonous, they immigrate up to Canada.

March 22nd

While most of USA is immigrating up into Canada, China sees this as a perfect time to attack and attacks USA. The remaining people in USA perish due to the Chinese and because of the ash cloud.

September 7th

In a quick war, the US and its allies defeat the Chinese.

October 31st

Even though it's Halloween, none of the population of earth has time to celebrate. When the poisonous cloud of ash moves into Canada, the US and Canada have no choice but to get Europe's permission to travel to Greenland.

December 24th

Christmas is officially given two days to celebrate, December 24th and 25th. Even though the 24th is called 'Disease Awareness Day.' Canada and the remaining US population name themselves the nation of USC, or United States of Canada. They get right to work on setting up states in Greenland, although keeping it mostly split for the current inhabitants of Greenland.

December 27th

Countries surrounding the area the solar flare hits experiences major increases of a new type of unidentifiable cancer. Countries start raising awareness to finding the cure to it.


January 1st

People around the world celebrate new years while Europe and Asia consider becoming the same continent.

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