Duchy of Courland and Semigallia
Kurzemes un Zemgales hercogiste
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Flag of Courland (state) Revised flag of Courland
Flag Coat of Arms
800px-Duchy of Courland & Semigallia 1740.svg
Location of Courland
(and largest city)
  others German
Government Absolute Monarchy
  legislature Seim
Duke Gustav I
Prime Minister vacant
Population 676,765 
Independence from Russian Empire
  declared 1918
  recognized 1918
Currency Ostmark

The Duchy of Courland and Semigallia is a German client state in Eastern europe.The Duchy was proclaimed on 8 march 1918 in the German-Occupied Courland Governate by a landesrat which consisted of baltic germans.They initially offered the crown to Kaiser Wilhelm II,But he rejected it and instead proposed that it should be given to the royal house of VOn Biron,who had originaly ruled the duchy.Gustav von Birov accepted this and swore a oath of loyalty to the German Kaiser.


During the autumn of 1915,the german army had occupied the Courland Governate of the Russian Empire and a front line that stretched between Riga, Daugavpils and Baranovitch was established there. on the 16 November 1917,The Latvian provisonal national council was proclaimed.Later that same month,the council proclaimed an autonomus Latvian province with ethnographic boundaries.A formal and independent latvian republic was finaly proclaimed on 16 january 1918.

After the Russian revolution,German and Danubian troops started advancing from Courland,and by the end of february,the territories of the former Russian Governorate of Livonia and Autonomous Governorate of Estonia that had declared independence were also occupied and fell under the German military administration.After the treaty of Brest-Litovsk had been signed,Bolshevist russia accepted the loss of the Courland Governate.

During the german military administration,Baltic germans began a process of formin provincial cuncils between september 1917 and march 1918.One such council proclaimed The Duchy of Courland and Semigallia on the 8 march 1918,They initially offered kaiser Wilhelm II the crown but he suggested giving it to Prince Gustav Von Biron.


After having regained its independence from Russia after the first world war,the need for a Royal army under the Duke became imminient.The process of building up the royal Courlandian army was headed by Field marshal August Von mackensen of Germany who heads it to this day.

The royal Courlandian Armed forces consists of two infantery divisions and one interceptor wing which is headed by the crown prince.Mandatory conscription was abolished after treaty of brest-Litovsk had been signed.

Popular Culture:

Top Songs:

Name Performer Year
Kurzeme paliek stipra. Artjom Ž. Pushkar 1918
Karš ir uzvarēts. Artjom Ž. Pushkar 1919
Skaistas dienas priekšā. Vladislav Greznik 1920
Katrs mirklis ir dārgums. Artjom Ž. Pushkar 1921
Mīlestība vienmēr ir tur. Rebertski Olafov 1922
Neatkarība mūžīgi. Ulrich Fremonokov 1923
Mūsu tautas brīnišķīgā dzīve. Hermann Frasloł 1924
Kaizers un hercogs. Fredrich Von Stansen 1925
Mēs izdzīvosim. Gertrude Grežłen 1926
Alternatīva vēsture ir satriecoša. Alexander Carlson 1927
Maza, salda meitene. Eric Grašun 1928


Duke Gustav surprised the nation when he paid for the construction of the Royal Cinema in 1927. In the same year Courland and Semigallia film Awards were created.

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