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Dutch East Indies campaign
Part of the Pacific War
COLLECTIE TROPENMUSEUM Japanse invasie op Java TMnr 10001990
Japanese forces land on Java.
Date 13 December 1938–14 March 1939
Location Dutch East Indies
Result Japanese victory;
Japanese occupation of Indonesia
Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands
  • Flag of the Netherlands Dutch East Indies

Flag of the United Kingdom (3-5) British Empire
Flag of New Zealand New Zealand
Flag of Australia (converted) Australia
US Pacific-Asiatic Zone

Merchant flag of Japan (1870) Empire of Japan
Commanders and leaders
Flag of the United Kingdom (3-5) Henry Royds Pownall

Flag of the Netherlands Hein ter Poorten  (POW)
Flag of the Netherlands Conrad Emil Lambert Helfrich

Merchant flag of Japan (1870) Hisaichi Terauchi
Merchant flag of Japan (1870) Kiyotake Kawaguchi
Merchant flag of Japan (1870) Ibō Takahashi
Merchant flag of Japan (1870) Hitoshi Imamura
Merchant flag of Japan (1870) Shōji Nishimura
67,000 Dutch troops
8,000 Anglo-American troops
52 warships
18 submarines
50,000 troops
Casualties and losses
2,383 killed
671 killed

The Dutch East Indies campaign of 1938–39 was the conquest of the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia) by forces from the Empire of Japan in the early days of the Pacific War. Forces from the Allies attempted unsuccessfully to defend the islands. Indonesia was targeted by the Japanese for its rich oil resources which would become a vital asset during the war. The campaign and subsequent three and a half year Japanese occupation was also a major factor in the end of Dutch colonial rule in Indonesia.

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