Dwight David Eisenhower

34th President of the United States, from January 20th, 1953 until February 6th, 1958. Died in office from a massive heart attack, and replaced by his Vice-President, Richard Nixon.

World War III

Eisenhower attempted to settle the "Suez Crises" peacefully, but the British and French offered no means for negotiation and Soviet Premier Khrushchev failed to back down. When war finally did come, Eisenhower threw the full force of the American military against the Soviets, hoping against hope that he could keep the war as short as possible.

His death from a second massive heart attack has typically been blamed on the stress and sense of personal failure that came with the millions of casualties and massive destruction that occurred due to the War. Few held Eisenhower responsible, though many modern historians feel that he could have worked harder for a peaceful resolution to the Suez Crises that led to the War.

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