Blue-U.S. and allies, Red- ETO members, Green-USSR and allies, Purple-Iraq, Orange-Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia

In our timeline, the Brest-Litovsk Treaty was signed on March 8th 1918, marking the official withdrawal of Bolshevik Russia from the First World War, being a humiliating reminder of the Great War. But what if Trotsky had signed the initial treaty and avoided the even bigger loss of land later on? This timeline will follow the events that transpired after this POD, as well as an earlier one, in which the U.S. did not enter the Great War, but still helped the Entente with a quasi-Lend Lease agreement.

Points of Divergence

The main two Points of Divergence for this timeline are as listed below:

  • A more cautious Lenin decides to make peace with the Central Powers as soon as possible, averting their land grab in March of 1918, thus not losing even more territory.
  • Although sympathetic to the Entente's plight, the American Senate decides not to go to war, due to strong isolationist sentiment.


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