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In Earth's Brother, life develops on Mars and around 700 a.d (or M.C. 1, Martian Civilization Year One) Civilization arises. Many new species exist, but the main sentient species closely resemble bipedal Jesus lizards. This is because there are large water supplies right below the surface. In 1271 M.C., Mariner 4 was launched from Earth. Contact with Earth was first established in 1284 M.C. Since then, Socialism (which has become the dominant force in Anoia and Sirenum) and Christianity (which is the State Religion of Sabea) have become powerful forces in the Politics of Mars. In this timeline, most Martian names and sounds can't be heard by human ears, so we use the already used English names for things. Here is a list of Nations,

  • Boreumian Hordes A large loosely aligned barbarian empire. The Boriod Race, has historically only inhabited the Icy North Pole.
  • The Kingdom of Erythraeum A scientifically advanced ancient Kingdom. Half Olympiod, Half Desert Dweller. Along with Marineris, it is the one of the two nations that has Earth-Level Technology.
  • The Wandering Tribes of Olympus A recently recreated nation that has once again thrown off the Amazonians shackles. Nearly 100% of the population is Olympoid.
  • The Kingdom of Marineris Historical enemies with Erythraeum. Mostly Olympoids live here. Along with Erythraeum, it is the one of the two nations that has Earth-Level Technology.
  • Empire of Amazonis An aging Empire that once ruled half of Mars, back when the Boriods only lived in the North Pole, and Sirenum, Anoia, and Olympus were under Amazonian Rule. Amazoid is the largest ethnicity.

Wildlife on Mars is still scarce, but there are many species including Humans. Earth Cats and Earth Dogs have been brought as pets for many Human migrants. Here are some species,

Types of Martians,

Boriod Race

Amazoid Race

Olympiod Race

Desert Dweller Race

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