Alternative History
East-Asian Co Prosperity
동아시아 공영
EACP flag
"Military Alliance"
East Asian Co-Prosperity
The East-Asian Co Prosperity
Headquarters Shanghai, China
Membership China
North Korea
Official Languages Chinese, Korean
General Secretary Xi Jinping

Founded in 2008 in response to the Northern Defense Coalition, EACP is a coalition of far eastern nations whose stated purpose is to, "provide economic security for the mutual interest of the Far East." The organization has been dubbed by many, "a Chinese Warsaw Pact," though in truth, the EACP and NDC are much more cooperative than the Warsaw pact was with NATO. In reality the organization was created in response to what some have called the discriminatory polices toward the Southern World in favor of the North. The NDC has refuted this claim by the EACP, reaffirming that they were, and still are completely eligible to Join the NDC as observer states, as they lie in the northern hemisphere.

International Relations[]

While EACP has a larger membership than the NDC, the balance of power is much more in the highly developed North's favor. Still, EACP has made bold moves in military action that previously would have never occurred as individuals. While they have never sent any troops into action, EACP is supposedly funding the Loyalist forces in Myanmar, though there is very little evidence to confirm this.