Alternative History
The East Africa Federation
Timeline: Principia Moderni II (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Tanzania, Mozambique, Seychelles, Comoros, Madagascar, South Africa and Swaziland.
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag of the East Africa Federation Coat of Arms
Location The East Africa Federation
The 10 nations of the East Africa Federation in 1796
Capital Fomboni
Largest city Stone Town Zanzibar
Other cities Sur, Suhar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Al Manāmah
Arabic, Swazi, Malagasy, Makhuwa & Swahili
  others Comorian
Religion Islam & various native religions
Ethnic Groups
Arab, Madagascan and African
  others Persian, Indian, Dimurati
Demonym Various (Depends on nation within the Federation)
Government Federation of constitutional monarchies & republics
  legislature The Federal government of
Area 904,000 sq km 
Established 1792
Independence from The Arabian Federation
  declared 1792
  recognized 1795
Currency East African Dinar

The East African Federation is a Federation of 10 nations which joined together following the collapse of the Arabian Federation. Their vassal, the Republic of Comchellak was thrown into civil war in 1788 following a slave rebellion and continued to fight the revolting slaves and natives until the Republic surrendered the southern half of Madagascar to the fighting native warlords in 1790. The Republic began funding the native warlord Radama and his Sakalava warriors who established themselves as one of the dominant forces in southern Madagascar, who along with King Andrianampoinimerina of the Merina dominated the south of the island.

The mercantile republics of Mombasa, Zanzibar, Mtwara and Mafia, who had rebelled away from Arabian Federation and Dimurati control respectively, now allied themselves with the Republic of Comchellak to help prop each other up and form a powerful trading bloc. However negotiations went so well the 5 nations decided to merge together to form the East Africa Federation in order to even greater support each other, founding the nation in 1792.

Meanwhile in southern Madagascar, the warlords of Sakalava and Merina reach a bloody stalemate, and following several indecisive battles. The two Kings meet to agree to peace after seeing that further war is pointless. These talks are mediated by the East Africa Federation, and they manage to convince the Kings to join the Federation themselves. With the promise of better economic management by the Arab merchant leaders and the Kings themselves being in charge of the Federation’s armies the Kings agree to join the Federation. Thus bring all of Madagascar under Federation control in 1793.

The Federation using its new military might sends troops over to the Arabian Federation’s Al-Khalil colony to get the rebelling colonials to join the Federation: which after defeating some of the native factions sees Al-Khalil joining the Federation. Thus doubling the size of the Federation in a year with the addition of these 3 new nations.

1794 saw the creation of the Federation in a legal sense, with the Federation’s 16 regional leaders meeting in the new Federal Capital building built in Fomboni, were they write up the new constitution of the Federation drawing on the Arabian Federation's, the Comchellak constitution and the Icelandic Imperium’s constitutions. The first constitution of the Federation while technically sound and agreed upon by the rulers of the 16 nations, the system of 16 separate state governments which are governed by that nation's own constitution (e.g., Merina as a constitutional monarchy and Mafia as a democratic republic); and the Federal government governed by officials elected from each of the member states' individual governments on a six-year basis under a separate constitution to that of the regional governments, is highly confusing and created a lot of incompetencies.

The rather confusing system combined with many people's desire for a true democratic state ran by the people for the people, sees the rise in an educated politics and idealists. A renaissance of political ideology descends upon the nation, led by the democratic nations of Mafia, Zanzibar, Al-Khalil and Mombasa. Which after a year of protest leads to riots and demonstrations. The great intellectual Barghash, an influential figure in Zanzibar politics, expert political scientist, and owner of the Zanzibar Stone Town library, is summoned to meet with the Federation's state leaders after the man leads a large demonstration on Zanzibar calling for a new constitution. After many hours of talks, the National leaders agree to implement a new constitution based on Barghash’s proposals.

The main difference between the first and second constitutions is that the Federal government becomes a proportionally representative system using a congress of men elected by their constituency's citizens. The state governments however will remain ruled by that nation's own constitution (e.g. Merina as a constitutional monarchy and Mafia as a democratic republic) but now no absolute monarchies exist within the Federation as all states are required to have a constitution. This annoys King Radama of Sakalava, who wishes to maintain his absolute authority, and he threatens a rebellion against the Federation. Fortunately the Sakalavan generals agree with the new Federal constitution and they kill King Radama in a coup d’état to establish Sakalava as a republic. King Andrianampoinimerina of the Merina and the Sheik lords of the former Comchellakan states see this and agree to constitutional monarchy systems devised by Barghash in order to remain in power.

With this the Federation becomes a true democratic state, and Barghash becomes President of the Federation after winning the first election. The father of the republic begins implanting a new system of Federal offices in each of the Federation's Congressional constituencies, from which each member of congress can lead local councils to run the constituency from and so the people have a place to go and vote in federal and state elections. President Barghash also reforms the Federation into 10 national blocs under the new second constitution, which are: the republics of Mombasa, Zanzibar, Mafia, Mtwara, Sakalava and Al Khalil; and the Emirates of the Comoros, Seychelles and Al Nawzalak; and finally the Kingdom of Merina.