Alternative History
East American Alliance
Formation April 4th 2005
Type Military Alliance
Legal status Active
Purpose/focus Foreign and Domestic defence

The East American Alliance (formerly the "Dixie Alliance") is a military alliance founded by the Virginian Republic, the Commonwealth of Kentucky and Cape Girardeau. Its purpose is to return peace and prosperity to the troubled region, and to protect it from threats both foreign and domestic.


Since contact had been made in the early 90's, the Virginians and the Kentuckians forged closer and closer relations by necessity. In 2005 they made it official. On April 4th 2005 (the anniversary of the founding of NATO) Virginian President-General Thompson and Kentuckian President Jim Bunning signed the Campton Treaty, officially creating the Dixie Alliance. For the first four years of the alliance they were headquartered in former Fort Campbell (out of respect to the 101st Airborne's origins), but they were moved to the recently restored Greenbrier Hotel facility in West Virginia.

The still-operating Greenbrier Resort

Member States

Potential Member States

Official Operations

The organization's first operation was the late 2009-early 2010 expedition to Portland, Tennessee to help the local survivor community reclaim the state, and to restore the infrastructure damaged by the neglect and disorder resulting from Doomsday. It is becoming abundantly clear that the mission was a complete success, as the commanders confirmed that so far every objective has been met quickly and on schedule.

In February of 2010, a joint East American Alliance contingent was forced out of the former Tennessee survivor state of Jackson at gunpoint. This outrages the Virginians, who had the best of intentions in sending the contingent. They promptly declared war on Jackson.

Virginian-Jacksonian War

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