East Germany (A World Divided)

German Democratic Republic
Official language German
Capital East Berlin
Head of state Egon Krenz
Head of government Gregor Gysi
Area 108,333 km^2
Population 15,956,354
Independance 843 via Treaty of Verdun, GDR founded 1949
Currency East German Mark

The German Democratic Repuplic (GDR) is today near to total economic disaster. Since the Democratic Change Movement (DCM) in the late 80s the State's One Party System is under heavy pressure from different oppositional groups. The General Secretary of the Socialist Unity Party (SUP) Gregor Gysi is far more unpopular than the President of the State Council Egon Krenz (who is in office since 1990) has ever been. In 1996 the secret Arms Reduction talks between Gysi and the West-German Chancellor Oskar Lafontaine (SPD) lead to harsh critics by the USSR on Gysi and the downfall of his western counterpart who was replaced by Rudolf Scharping (SPD).

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