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German Kingdom
Deutsches Reich
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Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
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Language High German
Currency German Mark

The Kingdom of Germany, also known as East Germany, is a kingdom composed by Prussia, Bavaria, Saxony, Württemberg, among other states.

The Kingdom of Germany is one of the three states in which the German Realm was consolidated during the 19th century. The current constitution dates from 1915, after the Great Central European War, when the Kingdom of Prussia lost the dominance role in the Central-Eastern German Empire, and Poland was granted independence.


East Germany is a country in Central Europe


North: West Germany, Baltic Sea, and Lithuania. East: Poland, and Austria. South: Austria, and Switzerland. West: France, and West Germany.

Administrative divisions

East Germany is divided in three Kingdoms, four Grand Duchies, and several Duchies, Principalities, and Provinces. Al provinces are subdivisions of Prussia that is some times counted as a separate Kingdom, but its provinces are threated as first level subdivisions of the German Kingdom.

A list of these subdivisions include:

Subdivision Capital
Bavaria Munich
Saxony Dresden
Württemberg Stuttgart
Grand duchies
Baden Karlsruhe
Hesse Darmstadt
Mecklenburg Schwerin
Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach Weimar
Anhalt Dessau
Brunswick Braunschweig
Saxe-Altenburg Altenburg
Saxe-Coburg and Gotha Coburg
Saxe-Meiningen Meiningen
Reuss Gera
Schaumburg Bückeburg
Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt Rudolstadt
Schwarzburg-Sondershausen Sondershausen
Waldeck-Pyrmont Arolsen
Brandemburg Postdam
East Prussia Könisberg
Pomerania Stettin
Prussian Saxony Magdeburg
Silesia Breslau
West Prussia Danzig
Royal Districts
Free Cities