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Edgar Taylor was a British born Anti-Nuclear activist, married to an American woman. He is most famous for the radicalisation of Albert Einstein which led to the two of them leading the attacks against several US military and scientific bases relating to the Nuclear weapon project. For that purpose, Edgar formed the Greenpeace organisation. There are many rumours and suggestions of Edgar's background and allegiance; the most prominent and accepted theory being that Edgar was really a Soviet spy.

Soviet Spy Allegations[]

The Allegations that Edgar was a Soviet spy are often backed up by the fact that he spent many years of his early life in the Soviet Union. It is also alleged that Edgar met his wife there at that time. Because Edgar was captured after the attacks, it will never be known whether he planned to go back to the Soviet Union with whatever he found out. Analysts ponder on the value of Edgar's success, if he was a spy then Greenpeace was too successful; the Soviet Union soon saw similar violent attacks by a sister organisation formed shortly after the US attacks.

Chinese Spy Allegations[]

A less supported theory is that Edgar was actually a Chinese or other nationality infiltrator and that it was no surprise that the Soviet Union also saw attacks in the aftermath of the original attacks in the US. No Greenpeace activist from the Soviet branch has ever admitted seeing or hearing about Edgar before his involvement in the December 1941 attacks.

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