Editorial Guidlines for the ATL A Different History.


Canon is that body of literature considered the "standard," and once accepted as valid -- meaning viable and believable -- it is not to be changed by any editor without due discussion and very good reasons.

This is a TL written by me, PitaKang. This is an OPEN timeline, <--!like 1983: Doomsday,--> which means anyone can edit it or add pages to it. However, you should be warned, anything not appropriate, or against canon will be dealt with effectively and immediately.

Content that already has been accepted as canon are not reversible, unless they are found to be ASB or implausible. EX: If Tokyo was nuked 8 times, and yet someone creates an article on Tokyo, it will be declared obsolete or even deleted IMMEDIATELY.

To avoid such problems, it is recommended you read the timelines before you make any edits. Any point of divergence in a point of time after a canonized article must be planned carefully to align with the history that has been established to that point. For example, a nation cannot be established by as a colony of an empire that failed to rise to dominance and ceased to exist years before.

Any editor can present an article for consideration. A particular idea presented for consideration is on a first come basis. Once the article is presented, discussed and accepted (made canon), no one may ever change canon unless it is later proven to be implausible/ASB or is declared obsolete.

After you produce your article and it has been added onto canon, add this to the bottom of your article with {{adh}}

Note: Please do NOT add this without confirmation from the A Different History community.


Please know that ASB will NOT be allowed here. There will be no aliens, magic, hyperdevelopment, or any of that. This ATL will NOT be so different from ours in technology or development. The history will be different, as the name suggests, but do NOT put in teleporting or other forms of ASB into this ATL.


Do NOT try to make your hometown a superpower. If you were born in Iceland and love Iceland, that is OK. But do NOT make Iceland a superpower in this ATL. Plausibility, people!


Sometimes real life causes editors to go missing, leaving their articles with no one to update them. Due to the nature of the timeline, its unrealistic to allow articles to remain unchanged while the history of this world marches on. So if an editor has been missing for two months, another editor can adopt his articles. We ask that the adopting editor make an attempt to contact the missing editor by leaving a message on his or her talk page. If the missing editor does not respond in one week the adopting editor can safely become the new caretaker of the article in question.

But remember, RESPECT CANON!

Message to Would-Be-Contributers

We ask would be contributors to this timeline to do the following (and in this order!):

  1. Please read the following QSS and QAA. Understand them before contributing. If you have questions, ask them to another contributor. If you cannot abide by them, thank you for your interest in our timeline, and good day.
  2. Please introduce yourself in the talk page of the ATL.
  3. Understand the conventions to use in this wiki before editing.
  4. Be nice!
  5. All suggestions are welcome, but NO gay erotica, ASB, obscene images/text, etc. If someone writes "Augustus Caesar suddenly feels an urge to rape his son, Tiberius, and does so", then it will be reverted IMMEDIATELY!!!


Finland iwo jima.png This A Different History page is a Proposal.

It has not been ratified and is therefore not yet a part of the A Different History Timeline. You are welcome to correct errors and/or comment at the Talk Page. If you add this label to an article, please do not forget to make mention of it on the main Discussion page for the Timeline.

All proposals to this ATL are to have this put on immediately. After 3 weeks of discussion, if there are no more objections, the article will be put up as canon. Add adhprop


Some articles seem to contradict canon or are wildly implausible. If you find one, please add the {{adhreview}}, which should look like this:

Torn Flag.jpg This A Different History page is under Review.

Even though it is part of the A Different History Timeline, there is debate about whether this article conflicts with older canon or is to improbable to remain as is. See the Talk Page for more details. If you add this label to an article, please do not forget to make mention of it on the main discussion page for the Timeline.


Some articles in this will be contradictory to canon, but will not be deleted for reference purposes. Add {{adhob}}. It should show up as:

Torn Flag.jpg This A Different History page is obsolete.

Events in this article are no longer part of the A Different History timeline, but the page has been saved for reference purposes. You can comment on this page's talkpage.


Some articles in this TL are not complete or the author has more work to do. If so, add {{adhstub}}

Finland iwo jima.png This A Different History page is a Stub.

Even though it is part of the A Different History Timeline, its creator or creators have more work to do before it can be complete. You are welcome to give suggestions at the Talk Page.

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