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These are the Editorial Guidelines for Blank Slate, a collaborative community timeline pertaining to the lack of Amerindians population in the New World. Please read and familiarize yourself with these rules prior to contributing to the timeline. Thank you.


As an open project with unlimited contributors, Blank Slate requires set rules to ensure order and cohesiveness in the overall timeline. As such, some material is deemed to be canon, or fact. Once this information is determined to be canon, it can only be changed by review and all other information must agree with the canon information.

For a fuller overview of the rules of canon, please read QSS and QAA. It covers two basic concepts: what is written is written, and what is assumed, assume. Please also familiarize yourself with the existing canon works, found here, before contributing to this exciting alternate universe.


Whenever you create a new page for the timeline, it is a proposal, meaning it has yet to be accepted as canon by the community. You will need to do two things for your proposal to be an official article in the timeline.

1. Add the Template:BlankSlateProp to the top of your page. This adds this template to your page, categorizing it in the proper category and ensuring all readers know its status and their ability to help improve your page:


This Blank Slate page is a Proposal.

It has not been ratified and is therefore not yet a part of the Blank Slate Timeline. You are welcome to correct errors and comment at the Talk Page. If you add this label to an article, please do not forget to make mention of it on the Main Talk Page.

2. Comment under the section for Proposals on the Main Talk Page. You should outline the background for the page there. The review process will take into account discussion on this talk page, so be sure to update the community on your progress and more importantly the reasons for the conclusions you draw.

When the page is a proposal, it indicates that the community has not yet had a chance to discuss, debate, and possibly recommend changes to it. If you feel your article is ready to be recognized as canon, then say so on the talk page. The community will review your article, and either approve, lay out specific steps to improve the page, or relegate it as obsolete. After your article is approved, it will officially be considered "graduated" and a part of the Blank Slate canon.

Note: the fact that a page or idea has been graduated does not mean that it is "finished". All of Blank Slate's pages should be undergoing regular updates and expansion. The graduation process simply means that what has been written, the essential or fundamental elements of the idea, are part of the timeline's canon. Therefore, please do not take on too many pages so that you can make your current pages higher quality.


Everything in Blank Slate is built around plausibility, meaning likelihood of given events occurring. My favorite test of plausibility is the path of least resistance: people tend to take the easiest route to achieve their means.


As a timeline spanning many millennia, organization is of great importance. All pages should be categorized in as few categories as are needed to effectively convey the proper meaning.

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