The current date in the timeline is 2017, 31th December of the 2017. 

Pertinent Notes

  • I, Therubbleoroursins, am the main editor of this timeline, and I will approve articles before they are officially canon. (Not that you have much to worry about)
  • This timeline is similar to 1983: Doomsday; you have the entire world to work with.
  • If I have determined an Article to not be canon, it will be tagged as obsolete.

A Few General Rules

  1. When in doubt, see if that place was destroy or not, where it was located and if was important or not. 
  2. If the nation you are about to create was once a part of the British Empire, is possible that until they re-established contact with the Homeland they remain without a monarch, after when UK and the nation have restore relations is possible that the head of state will become the Queen of England.
  3. Remember that the Third World/Southern Hemisphere has a better chance of survival then the Northern Hemisphere/First and Second World.
  4. Small self-sufficient, independent communities are more likely to rise in targeted nations then large, complex nation-states, but also large nation can rise in territory where only the capital or none was hit.
  5. Lack of mention to a certain nation does not necessary mean that it does not exist. Remember that there are likely several small African and Asian nations that have survived, and are just waiting for someone to write about them.
  6. If you are going to use a historical figure, make sure to research where he or she was in 1962 because he or she may be turned into radioactive sludge or stranded in a place where you don't want them.
  7. Reconstruction takes time! Rome was not built in a day and neither are any of the nations that grew out of the post-war world. It is very unlikely that a struggling survivor community in North America can become a world class "empire" in just over five decades.
  8. This is NOT the Post-Apocalyptic Almanac. Feel free to write articles besides nation profiles.


Please try to keep things to a plausible level. Despite changes in the timeline from ours, the real world works in the same way in this ATL as it does in OTL. Generally, things that couldn't possibly happen in our timeline shouldn't happen in this one. Please do not insert aliens, magic or supernatural elements - as this ATL is already quite fictional on its own. Also remember that even if certain things are possible for people or nations, they should remain at least somewhat practical and achievable for them to have it happen. Unlikely but possible things can be allowed, as long as there is a good explanation as for why it happened over a more likely thing or outcome. Just keep in mind that the majority of these nations are third-world countries.

'Twas the 60's

Please bear in mind that the POD is October 20, 1962; bear in mind the sheer number of events that did not happen. These range from the Space Race, to the American Civil Rights Movement. Also, most photos would be black and white.


Furthermore, the purpose of Great Nuclear War is not to transform your hometown into the bright center of civilization. Chances are that the place you live is no better or worse off than its immediate neighbors. Keep that in mind if you ever try to develop a nation that encompasses your hometown.

Map Formatting Rules

As both the manager of this timeline, and our official cartographer (self-imposed title due to ego), I have some rules about the format of maps made to display regions in GNW. This does not apply to locator maps, mind you. .


  • Real-world Borders being included are preferable for context
  • Names of countries and other political aspects of the land are to be emblazoned over the relevant areas.
  • For visibility, you may make a nation appear larger than it really is.


Thank yous for reading the whole page; I know this is wikia, but I do not want a free-for-all when it comes to this timeline. Have fun writing articles.

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