Alternative History

The Washington Shot at Murdering Town! timeline is open to any and all who want to join in. As the admin to the timeline, I welcome all new comers and ideas they bring. To keep order, I greatly request that you obey the following rules:

  1. Do not edit and/or establish your proposal to any existing page without permission from the admin and/or article caretaker. Communicating your ideas is important.
  2. Bring any new ideas and suggestions up on the article's talk page, or the main talk page if it involves a new article idea.
  3. Do not propose any ideas which have no relevance to the timeline at hand.

The following does not pertain to additions or edits which sole purpose is grammar correction (which is always welcomed) and/or site corrections (including mislabeled links and files). As an additional note, I do not take nicely to bullies or rulebreakers. I will undo vandalism on these pages, and if persistent I will report problems to the TSPTF.

For those who want to work and expand on this timeline and cooperate with others, I welcome you and hope you all have fun.

Writing Guidelines

  • When writing anything focus on how your subject diverges from OTL, this is specifically important when writing about a subject which existed in OTL in some way.
  • Don't hesitate to create people who may be born around 30 years after the POD or beyond. In this alternate time the people would most likely be entirely new and different from our own world. Embrace this chance for creativity.
  • If you would like to make an article about a country, write some paragraphs which unique information about said country in the timeline. Do not make pages with nation profile templates alone
  • Be creative, as this timeline is looking at long term implications from the POD don't hesitate to bring an idea that would not have existed in O.T.L.
  • Think beyond the nation article, you are encouraged to write about other developments other than countries in this alternate world, step back ask "what does all of this really mean for ordinary people living in my article." Think about developments, big and small, technology, social events and economics.
  • Ask someone else to review your article for grammar when you are done, a fresh set of eyes will always see mechanical weak points the original writer doesn't.
  • Format and presentation is everything, think about what the reader seas when he sees the appearance of your article. No matter how great the content, if the article or section is not easy to navigate or is not visually appealing your writing will not get the attention deserved.
  • And remember, always have fun participating! We are doing this to make ourselves happy.