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Эдуард Роевич Ноченко
Eduard Royevich Nochenko

Eduard Royevich Nochenko
President Nochenko in 2005

2nd President of the United Republic of New Devon and New Ingria
2000 – 2005

Predecessor Elmo Focker
Successor Garry Molotov
Vice President John Y. Bates
Born 5 May 1960
30px Amery, New Devon
Spouse Katherine Dean Nochenko
Religion Russian Orthodox
Profession Politician

Eduard Royevich Nochenko (Russian: Эдуард Роевич Ноченко, Eduard Royevich Nochenko) is a New Devoner politician and the second President of the United Republic of New Devon and New Ingria. He is also a very controversial figure, as many of his political opponents have accused him of being a former member of the Russian Continental Army. Nochenko has consistently denied these accusations, but irrefutable evidence to the contrary has been uncovered by his critic Foster Hollis.


Early life

The Russian Continental Army


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