Alternative History

Edward V (2 November 1470 – c. mid-1483) was de jure King of England from 9 April to 25 June 1483. He succeeded his father, Edward IV, upon the latter's death. Edward V was never crowned, and his brief reign was dominated by the influence of his uncle and Lord Protector, the Duke of Gloucester, who deposed him to reign as King Richard III; this was confirmed by the Act entitled Titulus Regius, which denounced any further claims through his father's heirs.

Alternative histories (see under Richard III for more possibilities):

  • Edward V succeeds to the throne and is allowed to retain it, with Richard of Gloucester as regent.
  • Edward V succeeds to the throne, and his mother and her brothers wrest control from Richard of Gloucester.

If Edward V did not succeed, but survived, with or without his brother, he could launch a counter-coup from within England, or from Scotland, France, or elsewhere.

There is also the alien abduction possibility.