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The Eistla longfin is a common species of fish-like creatures, native to the planet Venus, specifically the northern waters of Guinevere Oceanus near the Eistla archipelago, where its name comes from.

Physical characteristics

Eistla longfins resemble fish on Earth, closest to the albacore. It is noted for reddish-orange marks towards the front and on the gills of males. The most definiting characteristic is the expectionally long back dorsal fin, which extends to beyond the tail of the fish. Fish, excluding the long fin, are generally the length of a dachsund on Earth.


Eistla longfins tend to be mostly herbivorous, although will sometimes eat smaller fish. They mainly live in the open ocean and swim in schools. In the event of spotting a predator or hunting tricky prey, they can swim at maximum recorded speeds of 23 mph. Males have been noted to fight for mates during mating season, in which case they will swim to shallow water to battle.

Existence with humans

Longfins were first observed during the mating season of 2000 on the coast of New Canaveral, New Florida, since they were in shallow waters. Today they are a major part of New Florida's fishing industry. At the interplanetary level, there are about 250 longfins living in venusariums, and are also sold as expensive cuisine on Earth.

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