Alternative History
Principality of Elba
Principato d'Elba
Timeline: Differently
Flag Coat of arms
Liberté, Ordre Public
Chant du départ
(and largest city)
Porto Azzurro
Official languages French, Corsican
Government Unitary Bonapartist principality
 -  List of Princes of Elba (Prince) Napoleon VII
 -  Treaty of Fontainebleau 11 April 1814 
 -  Total 224 km2 
86 sq mi 
 -   estimate 42,162 
Currency lira

The Principality of Elba is a sovereign monarchy located on the Mediterranean island of Elba, ten kilometres (6.2 mi) from the Italian coastal town of Piombino and about 50 kilometres (30 mi) east of the French island of Corsica. Thus, it shares maritime borders with both Italy and France. With a surface area of only 224 square kilometers and a population of 42,162 inhabitants, Elba is Europe's fourth-smallest and fourth-least populous country. Globally, it ranks only 121st by area and 123rd by population among the world's 127 sovereign states.


After facing his loss, Napoleon Bonaparte stayed there and ruled as an absolute monarch until his death in 1821. During his rule, he greatly increased the small economy of the island and even managed to build a small palace for himself which he called "The Palace of Fountainbleu". In addition to expanding the economy, Napoleon managed to institute several reforms which were similar to those he had adopted while he was emperor of France.

After having been in declining health for several years,Napoleon I died in 1821 and was succeeded by his eldest and only legitimate son who took the name of Napoleon II.


In Elba there are three TV channels: National TV, Movie Station and Education Channel.

Elba has a National football team but has yet to qualify for a major tournament although they did win the Micronational Cup in 2018. The country lacks a national football league because there are only 8 teams but those compete among themselves in the National Cup whose winner gets to compete in the UEFA Conference League.


Being so small the Elba people can produce enough food for everyone and more so their biggest trading partner is Sicily, which they supply with food in turn for money for them to improve their economy which has grown very self sufficient.