Alternative History
Elin IV
Elin IV
Queen of Álengiamark
Reign 3rd February, 1397 - 15th August, 1402
Predecessor Asthurdur II
Successor Brynja I
Born 28th October, 1352
Kristjanaborg, Álengiamark
Died 15th August, 1402
Kristjanaborg, Álengiamark
Spouse Hákonar Jónasson
Full name
Brynja Ólafsdottír
House Eiriksdottír
Father Ólafur Eiriksson
Mother Yrsa Jónsdottír

As Asthurdur II's health failed the Álengsk nobles convened to elect a new queen. Asthurdur had been elected by a court at the end of Congress of Fjallasay. With almost all the earls boasting some familial connection to the royal house prior to the Aniyunwiyan conquest there was a fear that the succession would be disputed and lead to another civil war. The earls therefore drew up an informal agreement that the title of queen would be passed between the earl's families. Who was to have the first honour was obviously much debated but eventually they settled on Elin the eldest daughter of the Earl of Margirhaedeyja, Ólafur Eiriksson.

While the election may have kept peace it showed the inherent problem with electing a queen rather than relying on hereditary descent. Elin had little connection to St. Hafdiss or indeed much of the Sudervik which still formed the core of the country. Her coronation in St. Hafdiss was preceded by weeks of feasting almost to bribe the populace and paid for by Margirhaedeyja's taxes. While this kept the populace happy behind the scenes politicians jostled for power.

Elin soon returned home to Kristjanaborg and Asthurdur II's son Johannes Baldursson effectively took control of the Royal Domain. He had no earldom of his own but he and his family would hold these lands as 'mayors of the palace'. The Althing, much reduced in stature would effectively only function within the Royal Domain, with the other cities, church-lands and earldoms raising their own laws.

The Vinlandic Civil War raged throughout her time as queen. Like Asthurdur II before her Elin and the earls distrusted Kristjana V but equally were not active in supporting Asdis II either. The idea that Vinland had deliberately stayed out of the Great Unami Revolt to weaken Álengiamark was rapidly gaining currency and many earls saw the opportunity to remain aloof. Some of the Sudervik lords did assist Asdis, but this was more to line their own pockets rather than out of any moral obligation.

Her reign, such as it was, would be short and she died in 1402. Under the earls' agreement they would elect Brynja I of Sudervik to succeed her.