Emperor of the French (Regnum Argenta)

The Emperor of the French is the Head of State of the French Empire. Is the head of the executive power and the armed forces. The imperial title is His Imperial Napoleonic and Revolutionary Majesty.

Only a man older than 15 years and approved by the States-General and the previous Emperor can be the Emperor. His consort is the Empress of the French. The current emperor is Napoléon VIII (the previous regent, Napoléon Charles is a pretender to the french throne).

List of Emperors of the French

Emperador Reign Life Access to the throne Spouse Notes
Napoleon portrait.jpg
Napoléon I 18 de mayo de 1804 - 12 de abril de 1831 15 augst 1769, Ajaccio, Corsica - 12 april 1831, Paris, France First Emperor Joséphine de Beauharnais and Marie Louise of Austria
Napoleon II., Herzog von Reichstadt.jpg
Napoléon II Francis 14 april 1831 - 3 february 1842 20 march 1811, Tuileries, Paris - 3 february 1842, Palace of Versailles, Paris Son of Napoléon I He did not have one
Napoleon III.jpg
Napoléon III Louis 4 january, 1842 - 9 january 1873 April 20, 1808

Paris, France - January 9, 1873 Rome, Italy

Nephew of Napoléon I. Cousin of Napoléon II Eugénie de Montijo
Napoléon Eugène Bonaparte, sitting.jpg
Napoléon IV Eugéne 11 january 1873 - 6 july 1887 16 March 1856, Paris - 6 july 1887, Ajaccio Son of Napoléon III Beatrice of the United Kingdom
Victor Napoleon.jpg
Napoléon V Victor 7 july 1887 - 31 april 1926 1 june 1862, Palais Royal, Paris - 3 may 1926, Ajaccio Grandson of Jérôme Boanparte, brother of Napoléon I. Princess Clémentine of Wettin
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