Alternative History
Scandinavian Empire
Norrænn heimsveldi
Timeline: Principia Moderni IV (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, United Kingdom, Finland, Canada, Germany
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Sameinaði eins og bræður
Capital Riksdale
Largest city Copenhagen
Other cities Stockholm, Bergen, Oslo, Malmö
Norwegian, Swedish, Danish
  others German, Scottish, Icelandic, Norn, Sapmi, Inuit
Religion Scandinavian Free Kapelist Church
Demonym Scandinavian
Legislature Imperial Riksdag
Emperor Sven III
  Emperor of Scandinavia: House of Gyldenløve-Dammen
Area 141,3036 sq km
Population 9,678,321 
Currency Nordic krona

The Scandinavian Empire has its root in the Act of Uniformity - an act passed after the victory of Eric Gyldenløve in the Norwegian War of Lions (commonly known as the Norwegian Civil War). This led to his ascension and marriage to Queen Helena Gyldenløve of Sweden. Him being the Crown Prince of Denmark ensured unity among the three long-divided kingdoms in the north. His claim was derived from his grandfather Eric Gyldenløve son of Mikael Gyldenløve, King of Norway, and Emma von Gryffin, Queen of Denmark. He was disqualified from the line of succession after his mother's failed conquest of the Kingdom of Norway.

Because of this the dynasty split into the Gryffin descended House of Gyldenløve-Dammen, and the now extinct House of Gyldenløve-Alesund. The regaining of their homeland began when King Christian Gyldenløve now Count Christian of Oldenburg accepted a papal deal that required him not to succeed from the church.

His acceptance of this deal led to great unrest among the Kapelists who felt betrayed by his decision. This sparked a civil war between the Kapelists and Catholics with the Kapelists winning and thus crowning Eric Gyldenløve. Upon his inheriting of Denmark he passed the Act of Uniformity which solidified the once decentralized Scandinavia into its modern, strong and centralized from ensuring the prosperity of the north for years to come.


Modern Era

In 1913, Scandinavia fought a war with Russia. Scandinavia won this war.


Warm Relations

  • Borealia: Ally
  • Burgundy: Ally
  • England: Friendly
  • Vinland: Ally

Neutral Relation

  • Iberia: Trade partner
  • Poland
  • Bohemia

Bad Relations

  • Papal States
  • Germania
  • France
  • Saxony


  • Ny-Sjaelland
  • Vinland
  • Prins-Rupert-Ö
  • Groenland


  • Kingdom of the Isles
  • Jarldom of Iceland