Alternative History
Empire of Japan
Timeline: 1941: Success
Flag of Japan
Flag of Japan
Location of Japan
Location of Japan in Purple
八紘一宇 (Japanese)
("All Eight Corners of the World")
Anthem "君が代"
(and largest city)
Language Japanese
Religion Shintō, Buddhism
Emperor Shōwa
Prime Minister Hideki Tōjō

The Empire of the Rising Sun is a nation in East Asia.


Japan had succeeded in attacking the major US Naval Base that was adjacent to Honolulu on 12/7/1941 by destroying not only the battleships, but also the submarine piers, the power station, shipyard, maintenance, and fuel and torpedo storage facilities, and even the headquarters building were all attacked and damaged. After a while, they managed to achieve victories against the Americans in major battles, and then went on to have success in winning over the Philippines.

After Japan's success in the Second World War (along with the defeat and split of Germany in Europe), it became stuck in a Three Way Cold War with the Soviet Union and USA.

By 1991 Japan with its Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere emerged victorious from the Three Way Cold War.

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Naval Ensign of Japan

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