The Mayans had said that the world would end on the 21st December 2012. We never believed them. We were wrong.


On the 17th June 2006, French scientists were analyzing the Earth Crust under the North Atlantic. They discovered that the crust there was very weak and that sometime in the next ten years, it would cause a massive tsunami hitting North America, Great Britain, Western Europe and North Africa.

Straight away, the scientists alerted President Jacques Chirac who called G8 Leaders about the incident so they all decided to discuss it at the 32nd G8 Summit in St Petersburg, Russia on the 15th July. The Next Day it was discovered that the Crusts were the same in the South Atlantic, the Pacific, the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea

Before Doomsday


G8 Meeting

The First Meeting was to be attended by all G8 Nations as well as Guest Nations Brazil, Mexico, China, India and South Africa where the plans were discussed The Full Transcript of the Meeting is Here. At the meeting, it was discusses that Ships that could withstand anything (Such as Tsunamis and Nuclear Attacks) should be build to People and Valuables and when the time comes they load everyone on board. Also in the Meeting, it was recommended that the Guest Nations will join G8 forming G13.

The Next Day, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom flew to St Petersburg to meet with British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper who informed her of the situation. She decided to Stay and attend the rest of the meetings.

Transcripts for the other 2 meetings, Meeting 2 Transcript and Meeting 3 Transcript.

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