Energia Verde 180px
State-Owned Energy Company
Industries Energy Distribution, Energy Research
Established 1973
Suppliers Various Contracts among UR companies
Research Antartida, Queen Maud Land, Santa Cruz, Paraguay
Implementation and Range Mid-Large Cities and Smaller throughout the UR

Energia Verde, or Green Energy, was started as a small concept company in 1973 by the United Republics. UR has researched solar panels, their efficiency and implementation since the companies inception. Antartida was the main area for research early on. Under the BrighterFuture Act, green energy began to be installed all across the United Republics and its territories. It is mainly known for powering the Antarctic Cities, along with all small towns, villages, up to mid-large sized cities. Today the UR subsides energy rates for all who use green energy and promotes it over the use of non-renewable resources such as oil or natural gas. Oil and natural gas are saved for military use, long distance transportation, and to assist green technology in powering large cities.

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