England is the southermnost and most populous constituent country of the British Socialist Federal Republic. Its capital, by the 1927 constitution of the BSFR, can not be the same than the Federal Capital of the Republic (London), and, by this Rule the Capital of England SFR is Brighton, 60 miles south of London and that was already the seat of government of the UK during the Illness of George II in the 1830's. Its anthem its "God save our Country" (The BSFR did not put state atheism as the official policy in which to religion means, just a confessional state with religious freedom). As part of the nativization policy that Lenin instated in each republic, England recovered their heritage of when they were the kingdom of england and all what was "english" was potenced in detriment of the all-british culture that was instated since the union of 1707, with that britishness being just the general culture of the whole British Socialist Federal Republic. England has two official languages, English and Cornish. Inside England we found two autonomous socialist federated republics, Cornwall (Kernow) and the Welsh Speaking Autonomous Socialist Federated Republic, located in the west of england in the welsh speaking areas of England (Siarad Cymraeg Ymreolaethol Sosialaidd Ffederal Gweriniaeth). England is divided in regions for the rest of the purposes, and it is in england when the federal capital of the BSFR (London) is located. The country's population is mainly urban, though most of cities, except London, Manchester, Liverpool, and other big cities, are located inside the countryside, which covers so much part of England.

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