Alternative History

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England (Popular)
The 3rd English Commonwealth (Formal)
Flag of England.svg
Official Languages (national) English
Capital London
Council President Andrew Urbanczyk
Currency English Pound

The country currently known as England occupies the southern part of the island of Great Britain. Over the last 2 centuries, it has gone through a number of political changes following the English revolution first as the "Albionese Republic" then after the 2nd English civil war as an Arexy before passing through an alternating period of royalist and republican regime.


The nation is governed by the House of Commons, who appoint the Council of State lead by the President of the Council. The nation is divided into Communes, which build into various urban and rural districts, which make up the regions; the regions are Yorkshire, Northumbria, the Marches, Mercia, Wessex, Cumbria and Saxony.