England (officially the Kingdom of England) is a sovereign state in western Europe. It is the largest and most populous nation in the British Isles, covering an area of 130,279 square kilometres and a population of 61 million. It borders Scotland to the north and Wales to the west.

The Kingom of England is a constitutional monarchy, witha parliamentary system of government. The current monarch - since 2001 - is Queen Charlotte II. The current Prime Minister is Stacy Silverman


Stuart Era

Revolution of 1848


​The period during the reign of Charles IV and Charlies V (1848-1921) became known as the Caroline Age, saw a greater industrialisation of England. A continued expansion of the railways and ports allowed for an increase in industrial production and a greater expansion of international trade. The period also saw considerable political reform, and England move from a near absolute monarchy to a parliamentary democracy.

In 1929 the first Social Democratic government game to power under Harry Wainwright, it introduced a wave of progressive measures, however the pressures of a small majoirty meant that it was not as radical as some would have wished. The economic crash and depression of the early 1930s damaged the governments credibility, and it was heavily defeated at the 1932 election.  

Since 1945

The 1945 ele

The period between 1951 and 1973 were years of strong economic growth and proseprity for England, known as the "Miracle Years".

At the 1990 election the Social Democrats suffered their worst defeat in nearly 60 years, and the National Party under Megan Taylor won a landslide victory. Taylor was to win successive election victories throughout the 1990s, and embark on a radical programme of free market reform, privatisation and deregulation.

The 1998 summer olympics were held in London.



England is a unitary state under a constitutional monarchy. The Prime Minister is the de facto head of government, appointed by the Queen. Although in theory any member of Parliament can be requested to form a government, in practice it is usually the leader of the largest party in the Parliament.

The Parliament of the Kingdom of England has been unicameral since 1907. Prior to that the parliament was divided between the upper house, the House of Lords, and the lower house, the House of Commons.

Parliamentary general elections are held every three years, unless dissolved earlier by the Queen on the request of the Prime Minister.

Since 1929 the Social Democratic Party and the National Party have alternated in power.






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