Alternative History
Erbil Conference
كۆنگرەى هەولێر
Timeline: Scotland says "Yes"
Coat of Arms of Kurdistan
Held inErbil, Kurdistan
Official languages Kurdish, Russian, Arabic
Signed on 21st December 2015
Signed by
 -  President of Kurdistan Masoud Barzani 
 -  President of Russia Vladimir Putin 
 -  President of Syria Bashar al-Assad 
 -  Prime Minister of Iraq Haider al-Abadi 
 -  President of Iran Hassan Rouhani 

The Erbil Conference was a meeting between several states concerning the creation of the independent state of Kurdistan. It was attended by Syrian, Iraqi, Iranian, Russian and Kurdish leaders. This was seen by many as a reaction against the shooting down of a Russian Jet by Turkey, and to thereby undermine their stability.



From the late 20th Iraqi Kurdistan had started to experience further and further autonomy from the national government, eventually resulting in having its own military, and the Iraqi armed forces barred from entering the area. However, with the rise of ISIL both the Iraqi and Syrian Kurdish regions started to find their areas completely unoccupied by government forces, meaning that they had more autonomy. In 2015 Turkey Shot down a Russian Jet. This caused a rise of tensions between the two powers, and Russia started to ramp up military pressure. However, it was suggested by one of Putin's ministers that rather than face open military confrontation, Turkey could be undermined in a different way.

As such, the Erbil Conference was called, inviting the Presidents of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Russia, as well as Kurdistan. After around a week of negotiations were made, Kurdistan was given full autonomy.