Eric II
King of Gothenland
Reign 12th September, 1315 - 24th February, 1318
Predecessor Karl IV
Successor John III & Sophia
Born 8th November 1291
Jönköping, Gothenland
Died 24th February, 1318
Kalmar, Gothenland
Full name
Erik Jansson
House Sverker
Father John II
Mother Elizabeth of Landeryd

Eric II was briefly king of Gothenland in the early 14th century, though he had a longer career as his elder brother's regent whilst he was away fighting in Poland.

It was during this regency, supposedly while Eric was on the East coast settling disputes between lords there that the long-dead 'Karl of Halland' appeared to a rapturous welcome in Jönköping. This dubious claimant to the Gothenlandic throne died five days later ending any hint of revolt against Sverker rule.

Karl died in 1315 fighting in Poland. Eric was quickly accepted by the nobles as the rightful king. His reign coincided with the onset of the Great Famine (1315-17) which briefly plunged Gothenland into a state of disarray. During the famine (which possibly killed 10% of the population) Gothenland suspended its yearly campaign across the Baltic, allowing Poland some respite.

Supposedly never in the best of health, Eric died in 1318 without issue. His sister and brother-in-law would succeed as joint-rulers.

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