Eric IV
King of Gothenland
Reign 19th December, 1403 - 4th April, 1408
Predecessor John IV
Successor Benedict
Born 17th May, 1382
Linköping, Gothenland
Died 4th April, 1408
Kalmar, Gothenland
Spouse Kerstin Frössvik

Märta of Barkoy

Full name
Eric Janssen
House Piast
Father John IV
Mother Judith of Radowašojce

Eric IV was briefly king of Gothenland at the start of the 15th century.

Eric's short reign is generally regarded as unremarkable. He showed signs of shrewdness, supposedly running rings around the Riksdag to allow a massive increase in royal power over the minor This should have given the crown a greater income and resources, potentially for a sustained campaign in Poland or Prussia, but would he die before the project was complete. The policy appeared to expose faultlines in the Riksdag however, between factions seeking the concentration of royal power, exemplifed by the powerful Frössvik family (of whom Eric had married the young and reputedly extremely beautiful Kerstin) and those championing the rights of smaller landowners, such as the Lejonbalk family. Eric had his younger sister Catherine marry into the Lejonbalks to help balance his court.

In early 1408 whilst preparing to travel to Pomerelia and to pay homage to Wladyslaw II Eric caught pneumonia and died. He married twice yet had no children of his own. He was succeeded by his brother Benedict.

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