Eric VII
Eric VII
King of Denmark
Reign 1st March, 1426 - 4th October, 1426
Predecessor Eric VI
Successor Eric VIII

Elizabeth of Viken as regent

Born 12th December, 1405
Copenhagen, Denmark
Died 4th October, 1426
Aarhus, Denmark
Spouse Elizabeth of Viken
Issue Eric VIII
House Estridsson
Father Eric VI
Mother Jadvyga of Poland

Eric VII is Denmark's shortest reigning monarch, ascending the throne in March 1426 and dying seven months later in October.

While his father, Eric VI, spent his time extending Denmark's authority over Pomerania the young prince Eric was groomed for government with a steady if unimaginative stewardship of Holstein. However his father had grand plans for his son. In 1421 he arranged the marriage of Eric to the heiress of Viken-Svealand, Elizabeth of Viken, potentially making most of Scandinavia an Estridsson property and subject to Eric's rule.

Elizabeth of Viken (blue) and Eric VII's (red) respective realms

Eric succeeded to the throne in March 1426 following the death of his father and three weeks later the couple celebrated the birth of their son, Eric of Rugia. The lords in both Denmark and Elizabeth's own lands probably now expected a constant stream of heirs to which the couple's lands could be apportioned out to. However it was not to be. Three months after his coronation at the wedding of one of his lords Eric was taken ill. He would never recover and died in bed on 4th October.

Desperate for stability in the face of building hostility from Germany the Danish lords chose to accept the status quo rather face a potentially messy struggle for the crown. The infant Eric of Rugia would be proclaimed king but matters of government would be maintained by a council of regency headed by Elizabeth.


Eric married Elizabeth of Viken in 1421. They had only one child:

  • Eric VIII (1426-1478), married Joanna of Oldenburg


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