Eric VI
King of Svealand
Reign 1156 - 1160
Predecessor Sverker
Successor Magnus II Henriksson
Born c. 1120
Died 1160
Uppsala, Svealand
Spouse Christina Bjornsdatter
Issue Cnut I Eriksson

Filip Ericsson

House Eric

The short reign of Eric VI returned Svealand to independence after being ruled alongside Gothenland by King Sverker.

Little is known about his background but it is known that some time after Sverker took the throne of Svealand Eric was lord (or, even in some sources, king of Uppland). He may well have been from a Gothenlandic family himself. But he had married into royalty well; his wife Christina was the daughter of Bjorn I of Denmark and a granddaughter of Inge I of Svealand. It is known he was a thorn in Sverker's side and appears to have been one of his great rivals in the kingdom, but the sources are silent on how Eric actually proved to be such a powerful player.

After Sverker's murder in 1156 Eric swiftly consolidated his control over Svealand and seems to have been recognised as the rightful ruler by Denmark and Viken the same year. His rule is little documented much like everything else about his life but it seems as though he authorized a crusade in Finland and some sort of missionary activity there. Certainly his reign consolidated Christianity in Svealand itself.

In 1160 Eric was murdered in reaction to his attempts to raise taxes to pay for church building. The man who most probably ordered the murder, Magnus Henriksson, would seize the throne briefly before being removed himself.

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