Ernst van Doomelen
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Ernst van Doomelen
Portrait of Ernst van Doomelen

Born 9th February, 1979
Kaapstad, New Netherlands
Profession Actor, Producer, Writer

Ernst van Doomelen is a New Netherlander actor, writer, producer and director most famous for his role in the hugely popular film serial The Adventures of Young Joe. He also appeared in the even longer-running film serial Skeleton Coast portraying the hard lives of whalers in the town of Walvisbaai.

The series came to an end in July of 2014 with a special gala screening attended by Queen Charlotta. After this success he was lauded in the Kaapstad Dagblad newspaper as the most famous man in the southern hemisphere. In October 2014 he announced his engagement to Madeleine Cloete, the actress who played the femme fatale in Young Joe.

Despite the often exhausting schedule of shooting Young Joe on the new Netherlands' veldt Ernst and his co-star Themba Dikotsi found time to write and plan several films of their own of which Ernst has signalled his desire to produce and direct. Noting that a large proportion of Young Joe's success was due to its sympathetic portrayal of its Xhosa characters (in stark contrast to some earlier New Netherlander films) the writing pair wish to address various facets of everyday life in which the non-white population are not treated as equals, be it in work, education or justice and hopefully change opinions. This mirrors many political moves in the still somewhat racial divided kingdom.


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