Federal Republic of Ethiopia
yeʾĪtiyoṗṗya Fēdēralawī Rīpebilīk
Timeline: Great Nuclear War

OTL equivalent: Ethiopia and Eritrea
Flag of Ethiopia Coat of arms of Ethiopia
Flag Coat of Arms
250px-Pdr ethiopia
Location of Federal Republic of Ethiopia
Anthem "March Forward, Dear Motherland"
(and largest city)
Addis Ababa
Other cities Gondar, Massaua, Assad and Asmara
Amharic and Tigrinya
  others Italian, Oromo, Somali, English and Sidamo
Ethiopian Orthodox
  others Christianity Catholicism, Muslim, Judaism and Atheism
Ethnic Groups
Ethiopian, Eritrean and Somali
  others Italian, British, Arab and others
Demonym Ethiopian
Government Federal parliamentary republic
  legislature Ethiopian Parliament
President Mulatu Teshome
Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn
Area 1,221,900 km²
Population 105,335,688 
Established 1137
Independence from Ethiopian Empire
  declared 1978
Currency Birr
Organizations IL, African Union and others

Ethiopia is a sovereign nation in East Africa. From 1978 become a republic, with a golpe. By now Ethiopia is one of the most developed states in Africa and one of the most democratic, is a predominant figure in the region and a regional power.


The Ethiopia during the Third War World wasn't hit by any superpower, but the nuclear war have effects on the Empire, after some day Haile Selassie have reunited the government and the Parliament for decide what do now. 

Selassie Halie

The emperor Haile Selassie during a speech in the Parliament.

The Emperor also have make a speech for be united and for co-operate in this dark times :

"My dear parliamentarians, member of the government, Ethiopians and the other human of the world. We know what has caused this; the madness of the human race and his stupidity, with the Crisis of Cuba this stupidity have super rated every my aspect! We need stay together and survive for don't fall info anarchy! We need also respected who arrive in Ethiopia in search of help, like god have say help the next we need do also! God is with us and with the Empire! May God protect our country and all the humans!"

With this speech the popularity of Haile Selassie grown, but he have see well on the refugees, in the winter of 1962 100,000 Europeans and Somali arrive in the Ethiopia for search protection, after the fall of Somalia info anarchy and the started of a civil war, also a delegation of the Empire speak with the French general-governor of the French Somalia for co-operate. And it declare until a new French government will be arrive that Ethiopia will provide for the security of the colony, in co-operation with the French Army and the Gendarmerie force stationed there.

In spring after the reach of Nairobi by a patrol of the army it was discover the country under the rule of the British general-governor, the Ethiopians have reopen relations with Kenya after this.

In 1964 a ham radio of the Ethiopian Army have reach a request of help by the Swedish Army in Congo. Now in a massive civil war and also again the Peacekeeper forces of the United Nations. Two divisions and one Battalion of the Ethiopian Imperial Army in addition of a Company of the French Foreign Legion and a division of the British Army reach the Congo for help the peacekeeper forces and the foreign citizens of exit by Congo. After 2 weeks of marching the convoy reach the last UN outpost, in the city of Goma. The city was full of European refugees and troops of the peacekeeper forces and the Ethiopians troops of the peacekeeper forces. After some heavily fighting with the Mercenaries of the Republic of Congo the UN troops, the European refugees and some African priest and refugees left the Congo for arrive in Ethiopia. The convoy was accolted by the Emperor and the commander of the peacekeeper forces was hosted in the palace of the Emperor. Also the Emperor Haile Selassie I have make a speech in the Parliament about the UN troops, about their bravery and heroism.

After some weeks many UN troops and European citizens asked at their respectively embassy for return at home, the French go in the French Somalia as a colonial represent of the French Government and the UK, Commonwealth troops and citizens go in Kenya as a safe British colony. With some preparations, many of that arrive in Europe with boats after have passed over the Suez channel, now occupied by Egyptian troops, many British citizens of the naval convoy arrive in Malta, all the Italians in the convoy arrive in Sicily and from there they returning at their respective homes. The other Europeans will have returned at their countries, such as Yugoslavia or Ireland.

In 1971 the Italian government, in search of the Italians of the Horn of Africa and also new colony reach the port of Massaua. Haile Selassie was informed and the officials of the "Ape", a Italian corvette was brought in the capital to speak with the Emperor about the situation of the Italians, they have knowing the Italians are treating good and they have reserved position in various economical sectors.

After this the Ethiopian Empire have re-established relations with the Italian government and also with the other Italian states, except with the Neapolitan Republic.

The Emperor Haile Selassie in the 1978 it have make a official trip in the Italian Republic, visited also the other governments in Italy, it have visited Palermo, Cagliari, Venice, San Marino, Perugia, Florence and of course Turin. The relations between the various government was good, and also some treaty was write and the Emperor it have make a private discussion with the Pope about the situation in Africa.

The Golpe.

Despite all the things that Selassie and or his government do many, in most case military officials and general criticize the Emperor for be too open at the foreign and in particular in the confront of the Italians, who are circa 200,000 in the late 70s, and also on the lack of democracy, the Parliament wasn't elected via a universal suffrage and the Emperor could debate, dismiss or close the Parliament if some laws was wrong. 

So on in the March of the 1978 the most democratic part of the parliament sign an agree with the officials of the Armed Forces, that they will help their at maintain order in the parliament and in the government, for the continue at run democratically the Ethiopia, and then the coup d'etat started. 

The most important and strategic cities and structure in Ethiopia and Eritrea was occupied by the Army and by the other Armed Forces, with the help of the Police, while in the parliament the democratic forces re-assured the other parliamentarians that this was only doing for prevent the rise of a communist dictatorship or the abolition of the constitution, so at this words they was unable to do anything, many parliamentarians loyal to Selassie leave the parliament and refuse to obey at a republic, the majority of their agree with the others, and so on the parliament was able to elect Mikael Imru as prime minister of the provisional government, who serve as head of state and lf government until new elections.  

Meanwhile the Army and the Police arrest every person who try to stop there, the only battle in the Coup was that with the Imperial Guard and some member of the Police barricaded in the Imperial Palace, after a brief firefight all the members of the Imperial Guard was killed or found dead, mostly from suicide but also for suicide-homicide, only two guards and 5 policeman was found alive and put under arrest.  

With this act the general and the prime minister reunited in the Parliament proclaim the creation of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia, a nation base on democracy, liberty and unity. The rest of the royal family was put under arrest and after some debates between the prime minister and the generals they was released and conduct info exile in Europe with a airplane of AliSicilia, and from there they would be reunite with Haile Selassie, ex Emperor of Ethiopia. 

The coup succeed and the population wasn't afraid of that, many Ethiopians think that this would bring free and fair elections to the country and prosperity. When the royal family arrive in Palermo they announce at Selassie that he was been overthrown by a part of the parliament and a group of officials, so at his word he decide to write a letter and give that at the Ethiopian ambassador in Palermo, the letter say that he is very disappointed by this action, but if my people wanna this so God will want that and of abdicate from the throne.  

The letter arrive at the government and read that, most of the members of the parliaments admire what he do and respect him, but many others think that is a trick only for ask at him to return back and then he will retook the throne, after this the Emperor and his family decide to go at Madrid, as the Bourbon of Spain have give their asylum.

Prosperity at the end. 

After the golpe it was decide how the new republic will be structured, it was decide of divide the republic into two states: Ethiopia and Eritrea and under there at least 30 regions and several commune and district, it was also decide of give at the president less power, the power will be in the head of the parliament and of the prime minister, in the first election after the coup d'etat it was elected Isaias Afwerki, leader of the Eritrean National Party, as first president, and the parliament elected Mikael Imru as prime minister of the new republic, leader of the Ethiopian Democratic Front, and for the first time the woman have the right to vote in the elections up to 18 years. 

In the decades after the golpe the government decide to liberalize the economy and of improve the found to the public works, in particular that in the rural zone and in the coast, for boost the economy and for modernize Eritrea, in particular the harbor of Massaua and Assab was modernize and improve, naturally this boost bring more prosperity and also foreign workers, in particular Italians, from the 150,000 of the 1965 they have become 1-2 million in 2010, mainly located in Eritrea and in the city of Asmara, Massaua and Assab. For this motive Eritrea was called "the African Italy", in fact Italian is the official language of the state of Eritrea with Tigrine, understood and write by over the 90% of the population in Eritrea, this thanks to the use in the school as 2nd language in the schools since the elementary alongside the English.  

Ethiopia have also help the Somali Government after their defeat again the Islamic Courts of the Somalia, recognize it as the successor state of Somalia and send suppliers and troops for help the Somali Defence Forces, and they have also help Somaliland and Puntland with other supplies, like food, school, troops and other things like this, but sometimes the Ethiopian troops have engage the Islamist in fight when they cross the ex-border with Somalia, mainly for make raiders on villages and kidnap the population. 

In the 2000s when the International League was founded Ethiopia become a part of it and it was decide to locate the African HQ of the League in Addis Ababa, other thean this also in Addis Ababa is present the palace of the African Union, a organization similar to that of the EU.

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