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Timeline: Cold Phoney War

Political map of Europe today

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North-Western Europe

North-Eastern Europe

Western Europe

Central Europe

Eastern Europe

South-Western Europe

  • Andorra
  • Gibraltar (UK)
  • Portugal
  • Flag of Spain Spain

South-Central Europe

South-Eastern Europe

Pre-war countries an its fate

  • Albania: occupied by and later fully annexed to Italy.
  • Austria: voluntarily annexed to the Third Reich; currently integral part of Germany.
  • Czechoslovakia: Sudetenland, Bohemia, and Moravia: invaded by the Third Reich and currently part of Germany. Slovakia went independent.
  • Monaco: integrated into France during German occupation; independence restored briefly, but annexed again when Princess Charlotte died with no heir.
  • Romania: partitioned between the Third Reich (currently Moldavia), Slovakia, and Bulgaria.
  • San Marino: integrated into Italy during German occupation.
  • Soviet Union: defeated, succeded by Russia and parts integrated to Finland, Japan (and puppet states) and the Third Reich, later became parts of Poland, Galicia, Ukraine, and Crimea.
    • Byelorussia: today mostly in Poland, eastern part in Russia.

Transient states

This are states created after the Great Second War begun but had disappeared by 2007.
  • Croatia: seceded from Yugoslavia in 1941, retaken in 1949.
  • Serbia: established from Yugoslavia in 1944 by the Third Reich by force. Re-established as Yugoslavia in 1949.

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