Alternative History

Western Europe

Empire of the French

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

Kingdom of Belgium

Kingdom of the Netherlands

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Duchy of Limburg

Central Europe

Austrian Empire

North German Confederation

Kingdom of the Rhineland

Kingdom of Bavaria

Kingdom of Hanover

Kingdom of Württemberg-Baden

Duchy of Schleswig-Holstein

Swiss Confederation

Southern Europe

Kingdom of Portugal

Portuguese Republic

Kingdom of Spain

Kingdom of the two Sicilies

Kingdom of Piedmont

Kingdom of Central Italy

French Tuscan Archipelago

Papal States

Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia

Kingdom of Greece

British Protectorate of Cyprus


Kingdom of Serbia

Kingdom of Montenegro

Tsardom of Bulgaria

Ottoman Empire

Eastern Europe

Russian Empire

Kingdom of Romania

Northern Europe

Kingdom of Sweden

Kingdom of Norway

Kingdom of Denmark

Possible countries

Countries that could be created if history takes a certain turn

Franco-Belgian Union

South German Kingdom

Portuguese Republic

Principality of Albania

Principality of Elba