Europe is the second smallest continent but holds the largest number of independent states. It is bordered to the West by the Atlantic Ocean. To the north the various states of the Kalmar Union stretch from the icy wastes of the sub-arctic islands to the Great North European Plain. To the east the huge nations of the Rus' touch Siberia and the Far-East. To the south the Mediterranean forms a barrier between the wealthy Iberian and Italian states and those nominally subject to the Caliphate. And in the centre lie the multitude of states forming the Holy Roman Empire and Francia.

In classical times Europe was dominated by the Mediterranean civilisations of Greece and Rome. As Rome collapsed under the weight of barbarian incursions the centre of European power shifted northward to Germany and Francia and when those centres fell into internal conflict and decline an explosion of peoples from Scandinavia shook up the continent whilst the threat of Islamic incursion into Europe's heartland was contained at either end by the states of Iberia and that of Byzantium. The disintegration of Charlemagne's empire provided the fuse to light innumerable wars as power coalesced around Francia and the Holy Roman Empire. Later, religious conflict, as Christianity began to divide into different creeds, provided another cause for bloody and endless conflict.

Europa (The Kalmar Union)

The major states of Europe

European Nations

(*) = denotes leagues of sovereign states

(HRE) = Member of Holy Roman Empire (Fr) = Member of Francia (KU) = Member of Kalmar Union

Not all of the minor HRE states are shown.

European Nations


Capital Flag Current Head of State
Aachen (HRE) Aachen Flag of Aachen (The Kalmar Union) Marcel Frank
Anglia (KU) Lincoln Flag of Anglia (The Kalmar Union).svg King William V
Anhalt (HRE) Dessau Flag of Anhalt (The Kalmar Union).svg Duke Leopold VIII
Ansbach (HRE) Ansbach Flag of Ansbach (The Kalmar Union).svg Prince _
Aragon Barcelona Flag of Aragon (The Kalmar Union).svg King Peter VIII
Arles (HRE) Marseille Flag of Arles (The Kalmar Union).svg King Frederick XVI
Armagnac (Fr) Auch Flag of Armagnac.svg Count Jean V
Aschaffenberg (HRE) Aschaffenberg Flag of Aschaffenberg (The Kalmar Union) Count Konrad II
Austria-Bohemia (HRE) Vienna Flag of Austria (The Kalmar Union).svg King Leopold VII
Auvergne (Fr) Clharmou Flag of Auvergne (The Kalmar Union).svg Duke Philippe II
Bavaria (HRE) Munich Flag of Bavaria (lozengy) King Ludwig VII
Bayreuth (HRE) Bayreuth Flag of Bayreuth (The Kalmar Union).svg Prince Wilhelm II
Berg (HRE) Dusseldorf Flag of Berg (The Kalmar Union).svg Duke Philip II
Brandenburg (HRE) Berlin Flag of Brandenburg (The Kalmar Union).svg Prince-Elector Ernst III
Breisgau (HRE) Freiburg 23px Duke _
Brittany-Maine (Fr) Naoned Flag of Brittany (The Kalmar Union).svg Duke Peter VI
Brunswick (HRE) Brunswick Flag of Brunswick (The Kalmar Union).svg Duke
Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel (HRE) Wolfenbüttel Flag of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel (The Kalmar Union).svg Prince
Burgundy (Fr) Dijon Flag of Burgundy.svg Duke Henry VII
Byzantine Empire Constantinople Flag of Byzantium (The Kalmar Union).svg Emperor Ivan XIV
Calenberg (HRE) Hanover Flag of Calenberg (The Kalmar Union).svg Prince _
Castile Madrid Flag of Castile (The Kalmar Union) King Philip VIII
Union of Cologne (HRE) Cologne Flag of Cologne (The Kalmar Union).svg Archbishop August Kreuzberg
Confederation of the Pyrenees* (Fr) Various Flag of Pyrenees (The Kalmar Union).svg Mikel Arconada
Connacht Gaillimh Flag of Connacht Queen Eithne
Denmark (KU) Copenhagen Flag of Denmark King Christopher X
Imperial City of Dortmund (HRE) Dortmund Flag of Dortmund (The Kalmar Union).svg Director Steffen Reichmann
Eichsfeld (HRE) Heiligenstadt Flag of Eichsfeld (The Kalmar Union) Count Bernhard
Erfurt (HRE) Erfurt Flag of Erfurt (The Kalmar Union) Count Victor III
Erlangen (HRE) Erlangen Flag of Erlangen (The Kalmar Union) Margrave Charles Alexander
Esslingen (HRE) Esslingen Flag of Esslingen (The Kalmar Union) Director Ferdinand Motteler
Estonia (KU) Tallinn Estonian alternative flag proposal Duchess Eliisabet II
Ferrara (HRE) Ferrara Flag of Ferrara (The Kalmar Union) Duke Clement III
Finland (KU) Helsinki Flag of Finland (The Kalmar Union).svg King Karl III
Fleckenstein (HRE) Lembach Flag of Fleckenstein (The Kalmar Union) Count Fredrich III
France (Fr) Paris Pavillon royal de la France King Charles XIII
Francia* Tours* Flag of Francia.svg Duke Charles XIII
Frankfurt Frankfurt am Main Flag of Frankfurt am Main Emperor
Fryslan (HRE) Groningen Flag of Fryslan.svg Duke Stephan III
Geneva (HRE) Geneva Flag of Geneva (The Kalmar Union).svg Duchess Adelais
Genoa (HRE) Genoa Flag of Genoa Doge Niccolo V
Imperial City of Goslar (HRE) Goslar Flag of Goslar (The Kalmar Union).svg Mayor Carl Niemann
Gothenland (KU) Goteburg Flag of Gothenland (The Kalmar Union).svg King John VII
Granada Granada Flag of Granada (The Kalmar Union).svg Emir Ismael VI
Grey League (HRE) Chur Flag of Grey League (The Kalmar Union).svg Franz Cajacob
Güstrow (HRE) Güstrow Flag of Gustrow (The Kalmar Union).svg Count Johan III
Gwynnedd Caernarfon Flag of Gwynnedd (The Kalmar Union).svg Prince Llywelyn III
Hagenau (HRE) Hagenau Flag of Hagenau (The Kalmar Union) Director Philipp Lowenfink
Henneberg (HRE) Schmalkalden Flag of Henneberg (The Kalmar Union) Countess Margrit
Hesse-Darmstadt (HRE) Darmstadt Flag of H Darmstadt (The Kalmar Union) Grand Duke George VI
Hesse-Kassel (HRE) Kassel Flag of H Kassel (The Kalmar Union).svg Grand Duke William VII Philip
Holy Roman Empire* Frankfurt* Banner of the Holy Roman Emperor with haloes (1400-1806) Emperor Joseph II
Hohenzollern (HRE) Hechingen Flag of Hohenzollern (The Kalmar Union).svg Counts Karl VI and Joseph Leopold
Hordaland (KU) Bergen Flag of Hordaland (The Kalmar Union).svg King Haakon XI
Hordt (HRE) Mannheim Flag of Hordt (The Kalmar Union).svg Prince Nicholas
Hoya (HRE) Nienburg Flag of Hoya (The Kalmar Union).svg
Hungary Budapest Flag of Hungary (The Kalmar Union).svg King Josef IV
Iceland (KU) Reykjavik Flag of Iceland (The Kalmar Union).svg Magnus Thorfinnson
Isenburg (HRE) Gelnhausen Flag of Isenburg (The Kalmar Union).svg Prince William VII
Jülich (HRE) Jülich Flag of Julich (The Kalmar Union).svg Duchess
Jüterbog (HRE) Jüterbog Flag of Juterbog (The Kalmar Union) Count Johann
Kalmar Union* Copenhagen* Flag of the Kalmar Union (The Kalmar Union).svg -
Karelia (KU) Äänislinna Flag of Karelia (The Kalmar Union).svg Duke Edvin
Kempten (HRE) Kempten Flag of Kempten (The Kalmar Union) Duke-Abbot Gunther II
Ladish Confederation (KU) Trondheim Flag of Lade (The Kalmar Union).svg Pekka Olli
Leon Oviedo Flag of Leon (The Kalmar Union).svg King Ferdinand XI
Liechtenstein (HRE) Valtice Flag of Liechtenstein (The Kalmar Union).svg Princess Karoline
Lippe (HRE) Detmold Flag of Lippe (The Kalmar Union) Prince William Henry
Livonia (HRE) Riga United Baltic Duchy flag Archbishop Petor Ulmanis
Lucca (HRE) Lucca Flag of Lucca (The Kalmar Union).svg Princess Francesca
Lüneburg (HRE) Lüneburg Flag of Luneburg (The Kalmar Union).svg Duke Ernest IV
Luxembourg (HRE) Antwerp Flag of Luxembourg (The Kalmar Union).svg Queen Charlotta
Magdeburg (HRE) Halle Flag of Magdeburg (The Kalmar Union).svg Archbishop William IV & Prince Johann II
Man (KU) Douglas Flag of Man (The Kalmar Union).svg King Eric V
Mark (HRE) Hamm Flag of Mark (The Kalmar Union).svg Count _
Milan (HRE) Milan Flag of Milan (The Kalmar Union).svg Duke Matteo III
Minden (HRE) Minden Flag of Minden (The Kalmar Union) Prince Francis V
Modena (HRE) Modena Flag of the Duchy of Modena Duke Alfonso VIII
Monaco (HRE) Monaco Flag of Monaco (The Kalmar Union).svg Prince Louis IV
Munster Corcaigh Flag of Munster (The Kalmar Union).svg King Ruaidri X
Münster-Westphalia (HRE) Münster Flag of Munster-Westphalia (The Kalmar Union).svg Prince-Bishop Karl von Fürstenberg
Naples (HRE) Naples Flag of Naples (The Kalmar Union) Queen Helen Maria
Nordhausen (HRE) Nordhausen Flag of Nordhausen (The Kalmar Union) Mayor Klaus Rinke
Novgorod Novgorod Flag of Novgorod (The Kalmar Union).svg Prince Mikhail II
Orange (Fr) Orange Flag of Orange.svg Prince Jean III
Orkney (KU) Kirkwall Flag of Orkney (The Kalmar Union).svg Earl Haakon X
Paderborn (HRE) Paderborn Flag of Paderborn (The Kalmar Union).svg Bishop
Parma (HRE) Parma Flag of Parma (The Kalmar Union).svg Duke Vittorio VI
Palatinate (HRE) Heidelberg Flag of Palatinate (The Kalmar Union).svg Count-Palatine Charles VI William
Passau (HRE) Passau Flag of Passau (The Kalmar Union) Prince-Bishop Thomas Leopold
Poland-Lithuania Warsaw Flag of Poland (The Kalmar Union).svg King Stephan IV
Portugal Lisbon Flag Portugal (1830) King Manuel IV
Prussia (HRE) Königsberg Flag of Prussia (The Kalmar Union).svg Prince Olaf VII
Quedlinburg (HRE) Quedlinburg Flag of Quedlinburg (The Kalmar Union) Princess Sophia Louise
Regensburg (HRE) Regensburg Flag of Regensburg (The Kalmar Union).svg Princess Theresa
Rome (HRE) Rome Flag of Rome (The Kalmar Union).svg Pope Alexander XII
Saaremaa (KU) Kuressaare Flag of Saaremaa.svg Grand Duke Jaan IV
Salzburg Salzburg Flag of Salzburg (The Kalmar Union) Archbishop Sigismund VI
Ducal Saxony (HRE) Jena Flag of Ducal Saxony (The Kalmar Union).svg -
Electoral Saxony (HRE) Flag of Electoral Saxony
San Marino (HRE) San Marino Flag of San Marino (The Kalmar Union).svg Regent Antonio Muccioli
Sayn-Wittgenstein (HRE) Altenkirchen Flag of Sayn-Wittgenstein (The Kalmar Union) Count Henry Gerard
Scotland Edinburgh Flag of Scotland (The Kalmar Union).svg Queen Alexandria
Sorbia (HRE) Chósebuz Flag of Sorbia (The Kalmar Union).svg Duke Czimislav VI
Spires (HRE) Spires Flag of Spires (The Kalmar Union) Mayor Johann Purrman
Stolberg (HRE) Stolberg Flag of Stolberg (The Kalmar Union) Prince Frederick Leopold
Svealand (KU) Stockholm Flag of Svealand (The Kalmar Union).svg King Gustav IX
Swiss Confederation (HRE) Bern Flag of Swiss Confederation (The Kalmar Union).svg Jean-Claude Nass
Tuscany (HRE) Flag of Tuscany (The Kalmar Union).svg
Tver Tver Flag of Tver (The Kalmar Union).svg Grand Prince Konstantin IV
Ulster Béal Feirste Flag of Ulster (The Kalmar Union).svg King Domnall IV
Venice Venice Flag of Venice (The Kalmar Union).svg Doge Tomaso Venier
Verden (HRE) Rotenburg Flag of Verden (The Kalmar Union) Prince Leopold III
Vladimir Vladimir Flag of Vladimir (The Kalmar Union).svg Grand Prince Simeon III
Werdenfels (HRE) Garmisch Flag of Werdenfels (The Kalmar Union) Count Otto X
Wessex-Normandy Winchester Flag of Wessex (The Kalmar Union).svg King Frederick II
Wildeshausen (HRE) Wildeshausen Flag of Wildeshausen (The Kalmar Union) Count Karl II
Württemberg (HRE) Stuttgart Wuerttemberg Banner Karl II Alexander
Ynys Mons (KU) Llangefni Flag of Ynys Mons (The Kalmar Union).svg King Eric V
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