From 1920-1923, Turkey fought to take land from Europeans lost in the Treaty of Sevres. Because of this, Turkey reached it's modern borders. In 1919, however, Greece declared war on Turkey to get more land. What if Greece's demands according to the Megali Idea were accepted?

Point of Divergence

In 1920, the Treaty of Sevres was signed, giving Greece a small part of Turkey's Aegean Sea Coast. But in this timeline, the Megali idea is accepted, giving Greece the entire Turkish Aegean Sea Coast, as well as other parts of Turkey. A Greek puppet state is set up in the small European part of Turkey not in the Megali Idea, South Bulgaria. Many people in Turkey then do not resent Europeans as much, and war never happens.

Soviet Invasion of Armenia

Armenia was ceded land in Northeast Turkey as part of the Treaty of Sevres, and since Armenia was allied with the Entente, they convinced Britain to intervene. The First Armenian War happened because of this. However, the Soviets were preoccupied due to the Russian Civil War, so the treaty of Yerevan ended the war with a status quo antebellum.

Now, this timeline was this made. This is all I have.

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