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The Eurovision Song Contest is an annually held televised song contest that was started in 1956. The contest has been revived since Doomsday after a nearly 30 year reprieve, with the latest contest being held in Vaduz in the Alpine Confederation.

Current Eurovision Logo


The last Pre-Doomsday Eurovision Song Contest was held in Munich, West Germany on the 23rd of April with Luxembourg winning by 142 points with the song 'Si la vie est cadeau'. The 1984 contest was planned to be held in Luxembourg, although Doomsday cut those plans short.


With the nuclear attacks on September 26th destroying most television networks in Europe, most of the survivour nations focused on restoring communications to their citizens, first via radio and then as most nations stablized, television was reintroduced to Post-Doomsday Europe.


In 2008, the major nations of Europe convened in Berlin to discuss the rebirth of a successor to the Eurovision Song Contest. Some of the nations that were present at the conference were:

  • Kingdom of Prussia
  • Celtic Alliance
  • Alpine Confederation
  • Nordic Union Member States
  • North Germany
  • Greek Confederation
  • Spain
  • Portugal

The Eurovision Song Contest was re-formed and re-branded on the 23rd of August 2008 as the Europa Song Contest, although some still refer to it as Eurovision. The Celtic Alliance, Alpines and Prussia provided most of the funding to the organization, with Celtic RTE leading the group as it was the most stable TV service in Europe. Other nations and their broadcasters have been interested or have been associated with them since its re-founding, with the ANZC's SBS among them, appearing as a guest nation in 2014.

Post-Doomsday (specifically 2008-Present)

The Europa Contest has been successful since its rebirth in 2008, with the contest being syndicated in the ANZC, Canada and SAC. Most nations have had to combine their assets to send their chosen contestant/s due to not being able to fund the trip by themselves, an example being Tuscany 

List of Europa Contests 

Contest Year Winning Nation
Bavaria, Germany 1983 Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Luxembourg, Luxembourg 1984 Cancelled due to Doomsday
Liverpool, Celtic Alliance 2009 Kingdom of Prussia
Berlin, Kingdom of Prussia


Reyjavik, Iceland 2011 North Germany
Husum, North Germany 2012 Sweden
Stockholm, Sweden 2013 Denmark
Aarhus, Denmark 2014 Alpine Confederation
Vaduz, Alpine Confederation 2015 Greece
New Athens, Greece 2016 TBA

Eurovision Logos

Eurovision Broadcasters and Affiliates


  • RTE (Celtic Alliance and other European states without significant TV/radio coverage)
  • Norddeuschter Rundfunk (North Germany, radio only)
  • Preussen Rundfunk (Prussia, TV)
  • Bayren Rundfunk (Bavaria, radio only)
  • NRK (Nordic Union)

Africa and the Middle East

  • NBBC (New Britain)


  • ANZBC (Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand)
  • SBS (Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand)

North America

  • CBC (Canadian Remainder Provinces)
  • NBS (Superiour)

South America

  • TV Brasilia (Brazil)