Eva Sjöström
Directed by Gustaf Malmstedt
Written by Olof Lagerhöf
Starring Karin Fjellström
Thomas Åhlander
Studio Studio Gävle
Release date(s) 5th November, 2013
Running time 63 mins
Country Svealand
Language Sveamål intertitles

Eva Sjöström is a Svealandic melodrama starring the well-respected actress Karin Fjellström in her first film role and several up and coming actors.

Set in an unnamed Svealandic village in the middle of Winter, Eva Sjöström depicts the Sjöström family in the wake of Hr. Sjöström's death. While Eva (Karin Fjellström) quietly grieves her distant children and greedy brother-in-law descend on the family home and play out their own struggles. Åke has made his fortune on Stockholm and is now wooing the daughters of the village for a wife. Thecla is a frustrated and blocked novellist. Meanwhile Peter is eager to claim what he sees as his rightful birthright; the family farm itself.

The film has been widely praised for its use of light and shadow suggesting the spirit of their departed father hanging over the children, as well as the naturalistic and nuanced performances of its cast.


Eva Sjöström - Karin Fjellström
Brother Peter - Thomas Åhlander
Son Åke - August Elkan
Daughter Thecla - Selma Holberg

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