Everlasting Roman Empire
Historical Events

The Everlasting Roman Empire timeline is an alternate timeline in which Julius Caesar's assassination was prevented due a mysterious oracle giving him a warning. Brutus and the other conspirators were placed in prison and the young oracle had a statue made for him in his honor.

The warning

The night before Caesar was to be crowned emperor, a mysterious young oracle came to his house. He warned Julius Caesar about a conspiracy to kill him and the imminent destruction the Roman Empire. He gave Caesar a list of the conspirators and warned him how the assassination would take place, he also gave him a list of reforms that were actually the amendments of the United States (suggesting that the oracle can see into the future). He eventually believed the oracle and decided to make the reforms the oracle suggested.

Assassination prevented

When he went to the delegation in Rome he ordered his guards to have the conspirators thrown in jail. The delegation was a success and when he announced the reforms, 9/10 accepted them.

Caesar's Expansion

Caesar reformed the Roman Republic as the Roman Federation and for many years, his territory expanded throughout Europe, Russia, parts of Asia, Middle East and North America.

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