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This is a collection of external sources of information about Doomsday, World War III, nuclear war, military nuclear information, and so on.

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The 1983 incident

General world information from 1983

  • 1983: The Most Dangerous Year - MA thesis by Andrew Russell Garland describing the various causes of geopolitical tension between the Superpowers
  • The Soviet Side of the 1983 War Scare - Documents from National Security Archive detailing 1983 Able Archer war scare.
  • Country Studies - A series of 80 books by the U.S. government giving overviews (from an American perspective) of countries around the world and their political, economic, and security situations. Most were written in the 1980s, with many of the online editions including updates into the 90s.
  • City Population Statistics: A database of country, province/state, county, and city populations, both before and after Doomsday. Useful for estimating populations.
  • PC Library Map Collection - Collection of various maps of the countries of the world by the University of Texas. This include many maps created in the mid70s, pretty useful.
  • Indian Fertiliser Industry - An article showcasing Indian fertiliser production
  • Paper on Indian Fertiliser Industry - A paper from 2000 showcasing the growth and breakdown of India's fertiliser industry and the different components involved in it
  • Fanack - Organization that provides information on water resources of the Middle East

Military and strategic information

Simulations and scenarios

  • Ground Zero II - A java nuclear bomb simulator. Simulates blast radius and fallout drift of various yield nuclear devices.
  • HYDESim - The high yield detonation simulator.
  • NUKEMAP - an incredibly useful tool giving everything from casualty reports to fallout levels and direction, created by Alex Wellerstein.
  • Nuclear Attack Planning Base - A report compiled in 1987 about a possible nuclear war over the United States by the Soviets.
  • Prima Guerra Globale mappa - A google map created for showing the efforts of a nuclear war, done by the Unione scienziati per il disarmo, a scientific group with the goal of avoiding nuclear war. (Done in 1983)
  • Quora answer - An answer on whether nuclear missiles can be intercepted mid flight.
  • Reddit answer - Another answer on whether nuclear missiles can be intercepted.
  • The Effects of a Nuclear Attack on the Rio Grande Valley - Hypothetical scenario about a Soviet nuclear attack in south Texas.

The impact of nuclear war

Climate Impact

Other fiction

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