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Eye of the Storm


"Those who Lived to see the Rise of the United States shall live to see its fall." -London Times, August 7th, 1861.

At Gettysburg, the Confederate forces annihilated the Union lines, and by the fourth day of the battle, Union brigades ran for their lives. Although the lines eventually calmed down, Union forces had few victories afterwards. In 1864 George McClellan Became President of the United States and negotiated a peace Treaty in 1865.

The Year is now 1880

The End of Dreams



At Gettysburg, Pickitt's men were told the Charge was insane, as the Confederate army flanked the Union lines instead. The Union army fell back again and again, The War was being lost all over the breaking country, so when election day came in 1864, George McClellan became President, with the promise of a peace treaty. So in early 1865 The War of Southern Independence was won by the fledging Confederacy.


The United States crumbled; California, new to the Union, negotiated their independance, New York and Northern New Jersey revolted, starting the New York Collective.

Things were Just as bad for the unstable CSA, Texas and Oklahoma Left, and nothing could be done about it, states rights still came first, also, pressure from Countries around the World forced President Lee to slowly free the slaves.

The Empire of Mexico conquered the Central American petty states, adding them to the growing Empire.


In , A Group of Californian Investers Hired Count Zeppelin to design a new mode of transportation, he came up with a Rigid framed Vessel, which became known as the Zeppelin.


However the United States sought to reincorporate California back into the Union ,which started the Great American War, a war of senseless death and deadlock, a war of Battleship-like Zeppelins roaming the skies and firing their cannons upon one another; a war of bombings, civilian deaths, refugees, and suffering.


When the war was over, The USA lost Misouri, Kentucky and Maryland to the Confederacy, along with a promised Country in Oregon to the Natives, Olympia to Russia, and Oklahoma to the Cimmeron Republic.

It is The End of Dreams...

United States of America

United States of America
(Eye of the Storm) us-eagle.png
Head of State: President
Capital: Milwaukee

The short economic boom that had the country happy for a short time came to a close in 1885; The War needs were over, Detailed reports of the Great War were coming out and jobs were quickly being lost, the Government had lost Oklahoma, west Oregon, Missouri, Kentucky, Olympia, and Maryland during the war. New England has calmed down after the war, united in this time of crisis. The country finally began to stabilize, and President Smith, with a very long smeared record, opted out of running for reelection. The new man in power, Jonathan Richards, a Republican, became President in 1888. Now as the Economy begins its slow recovery, The states look to a bright future, one that may save the Union....

Republic of California

Republic of California
Flag of California.svg
Head of State: President
Capital: Sacramento

The Republic of California lost many a man in the Great War, but made many advances as well. Empire Air, the most successful air travel company in the world, is based in San Francisco. California's banking system has grown, although the country is still recovering from the Great War, it is still a force to be reckoned with...

New York Republic

New York Republic
(Eye of the Storm) rep-new-york.png
Head of State: The General Secretary
Capital: New York City

During the Great War, The Collective Pioneered Air Combat and Bombing, the first Communist State underwent Revolution by the Government, replacing Communism with Democratic Capitalism. The May Revolt attempted to overthrow the New Government but Failed. Today there is still much tension between the Socialists and The Democrats. It has the Third largest Naval Air fleet in the World, a whopping Fifty Combat Zeppelins, their sheds on Long Island. But will it be enough? Will New York Thrive under Democracy, or Plunge into violence and Civil War...

Japanese Empire

Japanese Empire
(Eye of the Storm) japan-empire.png
Head of State: Emperor
Capital: Tokyo

Japan stayed clear of the Great American War; instead, they built the largest navy on Earth, larger than that of the infamous British Empire. Scientists from the Empire have been working alongside the Empire Air groups, constantly improving designs, with China growing more unstable by the year. Will Japan be able to realize its long held dream of a United Asian Empire?....